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The results of opinion offer for NAGAWA town, people, job creation Comprehensive Strategy (draft)

Published 2015 years 12 month 25 Date

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 22 Date

■ of opinion offer result 2015 December 25,

In NAGAWA efforts in the region, including the decrease in population issues, we are promoting the development of the realization of the "local creation," "NAGAWA town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy".
For "NAGAWA town, people, work creation Comprehensive Strategy (draft)", March 27 circulation from year 12 month 1 date to 15 date, was subjected to a public consultation by the Web page or the like, of 9 matter from the direction of 38 name we received your comments.
Thank you give us a lot of opinions.
And the comments received, for the concept of town for the opinions, I will inform you as follows.
It should be noted that, in the first 12 times Promotion Council of 25 month 5 date, describes some modification of the course and comprehensive strategy draft of opinion offer, we received your decision as a final "comprehensive strategy".

Recruitment projects

· NAGAWA town, people, job creation Comprehensive Strategy (draft)

Wanted period

Heisei 27 year 12 month 1 day (Tuesday) - March 27 year 12 month 15 day (Tuesday)

The idea of ​​the contents and the town of opinion

* Please refer to the following file.

(1) Results of opinion recruitment [PDF: 187KB]

(2) comparative table of revised front and correction [PDF: 126KB]


NAGAWA office of Strategy and Finance Division of the city, people, job creation engagement
Phone: 0268-68-3111 (internal 160)
E-mail: sousei@town.nagawa.nagano.jp



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Planning and Finance Section town, people, job creation engagement
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