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News from the junior high school integration Preparatory Committee

Published 2016 years 11 month 24 Date

Last updated 2016 years 11 month 24 Date

For the Preparatory Committee and the Subcommittee configuration

In the fiscal year 27 3 Nagawa town council, which was held in May, the town of policy for the integration of the junior high school from Haneda mayor has been shown to "integrate within 2 years.". 
In response to this, in the town and the town Board of Education to determine the integration of the fiscal year 29 4 month, we have decided to proceed to set up a preparatory committee towards the integration. 
In addition, we will consider to provide a five subcommittees in the preparatory committee for going to go a specific investigation. 
In this website, for that you have agenda and decisions in the Preparatory Committee and the Subcommittee, we will inform. 

  • Committee of the name "junior high school integration Preparatory Committee"
  • Commission the necessary preparations in order to smoothly carry out the integration of purpose NAGAWA stand Wada Junior High School and Ueda NAGAWA junior high school union stand Yi TAKUBO southern junior high school, improve the review and adjustment.
  • Committee of jurisdiction matters

(1) education policy, things related to school events, etc..
(2) school zone and that regarding school method.
(3) school of equipment, things related to equipment or the like.
(4) PTA, etc. thing about school related organizations.
(5) thing about the exchange programs of students and parents.
(6) commemorative magazine, it relates to such commemoration.
(7) other thing about the necessary matters towards integration.

Junior high school integration preparation committee summary [PDF: 120KB]

For the above matters in the Group, we will continue to professional consultation.
Group structure

  • Affairs Committee
  • School and Safety Subcommittee
  • PTA Group
  • Community School Committee
  • School Management Committee

Committee organization and Group configuration [PDF: 142KB]

Basic policy of integration when

Integration when basic policy [PDF: 81KB]

Future schedule

Click here for the future of the schedule. 

The future of the schedule [PDF: 135KB]

News from the Preparatory Committee

In this case, we will continue to me than it is preparatory committee. 

<First issue> News from the Preparatory Committee [PDF: 629KB]

No. 2 than it is preparatory committee [PDF: 760KB]

_ No. 3 than it Preparatory Committee [PDF: 3MB]

_ No. 4 than it Preparatory Committee [PDF: 757KB]


The 3 times junior high school integration Preparatory Committee

The 3 times junior high school integration preparatory committee appearance of

The 4 times Community School Committee

State of the 4 times Community School Committee

Guardian questionnaire together toward the middle school integration

 We conducted a descriptive questionnaire for parents of current 6th grade elementary school students and 1st and 2nd grade junior high school students who are enrolled in the first year of integration.Requests and opinions will be summarized as keywords in [Main Opinions], and the policy for those opinions will be answered as [Main Initiatives].

Guardian questionnaire Summary [PDF: 212KB]

We'd love to hear from you!

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