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Elementary school social studies Book "Furusato Nagawa" published

Published 2015 years 04 month 27 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 17 Date


This time, know well that the children of the town of the region, in the hope that love the area, from the wishes of the, was completed a Book to be used in the social studies of elementary school.
Town of Nagato elementary school under Ikuro vice-principal teacher, from the fact that WADA elementary school Osamu Aoki vice-principal teacher was also both in the professional social studies, launched the creation Committee with the cooperation of the teachers of colleagues, take advantage of the holidays and summer vacation period and, for example, by hear the story from everybody of coverage and local town around recommend editing, was the desire of the Book.

Children up to third grade - sixth grade elementary school than the 2015 fiscal year, will continue to take advantage of social class.

Want to take a look also to everyone in the region, it will be posted here.
Heisei 27 years 3 month NAGAWA Board of Education

NAGAWA Social Studies Book "Furusato Nagawa" [PDF: 19MB]








  1. Foreword
  2. The beginning of the word (the mayor and education length)


  1. Until it is NAGAWA of symbols and NAGAWA
  2. Wada of now (photos introduction)
  3. Nagato now (photos introduction)
  4. Regional aerial photograph (Wada School Area)
  5. Regional aerial photo (Nagato elementary school zone)
  6. After the war of aerial photographs
  7. The early Meiji era of regional old maps (Wada minutes)
  8. The early Meiji era of regional old maps (Nagato minutes)
  9. Trying to look on a map symbol
  10. NAGAWA in Nagano Prefecture (map)
  11. NAGAWA Map

"Case of Changwon"

  1. - To protect the taste of the region, "Oshima shop" ~ (3 year)
  2. ~ Tajima store ~ ​​to the audience is pleased (3 year)
  3. Product making ~ Takeuchi agricultural - by taking advantage of natural (3 year)
  4. Protect the sanitary living a healthy ~ Maruko Clean Center ~ (4 year)
  5. Work - of the police to protect the life of the town (4 year)
  6. Work - the fire department - fire department to protect the townspeople of life and property (4 year)
  7. ~ Work of water treatment plant, as at any time safe and secure water is drinkable (4 year)
  8. People were doing to the development of the Kodama TsukasaMinoriTakeshi-region have found men and women hold-Takayama ruins ~ (4 year)
  9. Cheerfully ~ tourism regional tourism by taking advantage of natural ~ (4 year)
  10. Forest life of everyone of treasure - we and the forest ~ (5 year)
  11. - To prevent a natural disaster - in order to prevent a disaster (5 year)
  12. ~ Black 耀 farm - in order to protect the Wada of fields (5 year)
  13. Highland vegetables making utilizing cool climate - agriculture ~ (5 year)
  14. I want to grow tasty river fish - Nature Park Sumiya ~ (5 year)
  15. Tateiwa Japanese paper-making was taking advantage of the traditional technique - traditional industrial ~ (5 year)
  16. Japan's leading black 耀石 of Origin ~ NAGAWA ~ (6 year)
  17. Life - of people of various history hidden was Nagakubo castle - Sengoku (6 year)
  18. Nakasendo and Wada inn (6 year)
  19. A key point of Nakasendo "Nagakubo Inn" (6 year)
  20. ~ Work of parliament for our lives (6 year)

"Documents and Data Hen"

  1. History - of immigration of people - Nagawa extended to Manchuria (6 year)
  2. Changes in the number of households and population of NAGAWA
  3. Income and expenditure of NAGAWA is?
  4. Be as agriculture NAGAWA
  5. NAGAWA of industry

"The history of that see in the picture NAGAWA"

  1. Life and regional development, schools, disaster, industry, Wada inn, ceremonial occasions of state
  2. Nagakubo inn and regions of the festival, Takayama development-war era and living quarters, disasters, Daimon-Nagakubo-Furumachi elementary school of the state
  3. Area of ​​great (Matsuyama Harazo-Hiroshi Oi Takeo Yodogawa ShigeruShigeru-Yasushijun Fukui Sato)
  4. Afterword


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