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For update of NAGAWA announcement broadcast system

Published 2015 years 04 month 16 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 17 Date

1) Background

Current announcement broadcast system you are using has been installed in the form to take over the Nagato-cho, cable broadcasting facilities by the new generation of regional cable TV facility improvement projects that were carried out in Nagato-cho in fiscal 15 year. 
In addition, similarly by the new generation of regional cable TV facility maintenance business in fiscal 17 year in the district Wada, it has been developed in a way that takes over the off-talk, has led to the current.

2) Current Status

In the Internet system, to build a system that conforms to DOCSYS1.1 is a time of state-of-the-art technology, it has come to implement this announcement using the Internet system broadcasting services and telephone services. 
However, the current equipment, because the announcement broadcasting system and the Internet system are closely linked, what equipment will be out also affects all system failed. In addition, since the expiration of the server group is already 9 years been installed in the fiscal 15 year, recently has trouble of equipment occur frequently, located in the situation in which over a period of a lot of trouble to the user. 
For even equipment maintenance, statutory useful life of the server equipment has become a five-year, because of the design manufacturers five years to the reference, maintenance parts is no state, to continue the service in the current system It has become a very dangerous state. Also, recently in a number of defects and the like can not use the Internet can not-call does not hear the voice has occurred. However, equipment that is currently used for can not buy things new has become a discontinued at the manufacturer, is the state in which the re-use of the old machine parts.

3) In order to future also continue a stable service

Announcement broadcast service, from the viewpoint of disaster prevention and mitigation, to tell reliably, quickly the information to residents, start-up wants to select the early disaster prevention radio with announcement broadcast service of good compatibility FM announcement type. FM announcement broadcast will use the FM modulation method, we use the same principle as FM radio broadcasting that is sending a cable TV. Because of this strongly to the failure of the equipment, also it makes it easier maintenance because there is no need complex server configurations. In recent years, it has become many businesses to switch to FM announcement system from the need of disaster prevention and mitigation. 
It should be noted that, at the FM announcement system, from the fact that phone service can not be implemented, per month 1 that are imposed by the current subscriber, use fee of 000 circle is free, set up a FM announcement broadcast terminal to cable TV subscribers all houses we will. 
In addition, Internet services will also provide ultra-high-speed services.For details on the new service, please see the attached "Information on Yui Net".

4) Schedule

In the future, we set up a FM announcement broadcasting equipment center facilities and Internet equipment center facilities in September, performed sequentially terminal exchange of each home than 10 month. Changes to the new announcement broadcast will be switched together with the terminal exchange. 
In addition, at the time of the exchange will ask for your cooperation so ask exchange trader with a certificate.

5) notice terminal and cable modem



6) Yui net guidance of


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