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Questionnaire report continued 4 on NAGAWA junior high school integration problem

Published 2015 years 03 month 02 Date

Last updated 2016 years 03 month 18 Date

Use, it is necessary to consider greatly after the school building Female 60 fee
This has decreased more and more number of children in the future. Integration I think that good. Because it is integrated with Nagato small already Sho Takeishi, I do not think it can not Sho Wada children Female 60 fee
It had been a child-rearing while grateful to be a school of being supported in the region. This was noticed when a vice president of the PTA. As administrative, please complete the road to believe that developed until now Female 60 fee
I sent a classmate us and the student life of about 250 people elementary and junior high school and one year. Study, and both the life and club activities and senior-junior, friendship is, of course, knowledge, love, jealousy, hate, compassion, was repeated a variety of emotional experience. There are also many dark memories that can not also be forgotten somehow, but I think that it has led to my human development now. To children who are having a rich life that anything entering the hand, is the difficulties caused by contact between people you want to over and over again experience. Integration is a big favor Female 60 fee
Because it is a small Changwa Town, I thought that we should actively incorporate integration issues and discuss more quickly. I would like to bring it to the direction of integration as soon as possible, to have children receive more advanced education, expand friendships and improve with competitive spirit Female 60 fee
On the results of the questionnaire of something recently, when viewed want to know what the opinion of the opposition of the opinion, that the school is no longer was surprised if there is like a opinion that the region is eliminated. Former Nagato-cho also become one of three elementary schools, although such can occur in Japan anywhere, I thought I want you to look in a little more wide eyes. That school of your area is lost, but I think the thing lonely, do not decide at this time thinking of children in the first, is the opposite to that it is good that much go at Wada Junior High School Female 60 fee
Because I think that the club activities that are very important, I think the teachers that it is hard to take the time, but I think that I want you to put more power. Extracurricular activities would help to prevent the students from entering the bad road Female 60 fee
It is a problem from the time of my children. Over the years children is reduced, but as long as the lonely. Please consider what is best for the children Female 60 fee
When I think of the children of the future, petting a lot of friends in this important time of growing junior high school, I met a lot of teachers, expand the mind, I want gained a variety of experience. And that will grow to human beings to be active in the harsh world took off in the wide world when independence is, I think that it is a good way that can be expected by be integrated. I think it possible to integrate also one day earlier that it is the responsibility of those who watch over the children Female 60 fee
Not only adults, do you want to do is of the opinion now of the students, I think I heard a child's thinking until now? Already the students was good to have done in the south, what went wrong? What is it that graduates have passed, I wanted to do really? Do not be the important opinion of until now Female 60 fee
Think about your child as the top priority and think about meeting various people. Integration is necessary for that. I married a lot, but Wada seems to be very isolated. I wanted you to integrate from a nursery school Female 60 fee
I think that all change by the teacher to teach Female 60 fee
We are also studying hard now of the children of Wadachu are fewer people, but it is poor in five and 10 people (school year). Time I think than as soon as possible is better Female 60 fee
It is the opposite for Wada Junior High School integration. Look at this questionnaire, the questionnaire for the survey to 400 people from Decide Wada Junior High School integration. Do things is not the opposite? As you may have out a better plan Female 60 fee
Nursery (Wada) looks without integration? Wada government buildings also transfer looks too good Female 60 fee
What will you think children? It alma mater that no longer is really lonely, to spread also friends relationship if integration, you also feel like competitive spirit may be out Female 60 fee
10 year in the merger of Heisei. But apparently there was such a prehistory, short should conclude within this fiscal year as "current, student gentlemen of position, if Negae happy," says Superintendent. In addition existing wooden school building is severely also aging, not find the cost-effectiveness of the repair and preservation Male Over 70 years old
Also for the future of the students, I think that integration is desirable. It is better that concluded early Male Over 70 years old
It is better to integrate quickly for students and to receive education in the same environment than to leave a small school in one town. I think there is no need to stick to the area Male Over 70 years old
More early elementary school is also integrated, it is good that is in contact with a bunch of friends from the small time. There is no idea of ​​Wada, Nagato, I think the real unification can be as NAGAWA Male Over 70 years old
Young people who commit the future of NAGAWA has appointed a person to plan, planning, and can perform a financial-held hope, must break away from the status quo, which are immersed in the old ties Male Over 70 years old
As has been carried out in the old Nagato-cho, we would like to to secure the school flights Wada district whole school students temporally able to have a margin (from school). In particular, first grade that is a part activities may not be in time for the bus, I think that parents should not be there is to go to pick the car up to the school. We would like you to proceed in a careful meeting of the tripartite committee school and education (town) transportation. Winter will be the very thing if there is an accident Male Over 70 years old
It is desirable to integrate the NAGAWA Male Over 70 years old
Children (say students in the current south of integration) there is no problem in the integration seems parent of Wada is making noise in various ways, Takeishi to 20 years ago, Yoda recess junior high school was established in Nagato. This time, is more of Wada of 2 name seems to be the story of that it has an integrated opposite (Sonkai members). Then it seems Nikki until now. I think the children of opinion, two to three years ago Wadachu graduates of the opinion, or the like may Taken reference Male Over 70 years old
Wada district had a lot of vacant houses, the population is also very in decline. Children also seems to be a number of people around can not extracurricular activities. Integrated with a lot of friends, I hope to lead a student life that was spontaneous physical and mental efforts to extracurricular activities. Wada district of residents and parents of residents would also be very much, but when you think of the children of the future, always comes a day when it seems that it was good to integrate. let's do our best! In town everyone! ! For the time, it promoted two to three times a student exchange in many times, make friends. And I think from the integration is good 4 month Male Over 70 years old
Current situation that students move their residence to Nagato and go to the South. Amid increasingly low birth rate, integration is inevitable. For long-distance attendance, considering the convenience of school buses adequately in the administration Male Over 70 years old
I think the new year is good Male Over 70 years old
Students is decreasing year by year. This year's enrollment number became six. And become every year enrollment period, we have come up with many students to enroll in the southern junior high school to change the address. I think that it is desirable to integrate early one day Male Over 70 years old
The number of children is reduced, in school education, I do not expect more and more survive. Also the opportunity that is in contact with many of the people there is also essential for the children. To improve the competitive spirit in many, I think it is also desirable to wear a higher degree of technology. I feel that from time to time if they were not also be good there was life to the needs Male Over 70 years old
The current school districts also said to be abnormal. I want especially to take care of the safety at the time of school Male Over 70 years old
I want to to spend in a good environment the importance of junior high school life Male Over 70 years old
Although the Wada region has worked with many times the past rather than in this issue, merger (integration) that it could not be the reason of the biggest things to come until today not be integrated in the concept of those who are doing the parents and business Oops. Those who can not be considered at the center the child is too many. Children, it is on character formation to inform the society in response to the growth, is it very important. And early integration I would like to see doing so wide he can be the children Male Over 70 years old
Junior high school age is when life important. Board of Education, I hope and I would like you to watch with parents Everyone Female Over 70 years old
Integration problem is I think that serious thing. I think of the local residents is an exceptional, but I think that the long history there junior high school is no longer is also intolerable that, I would like to see considered for the future of children Female Over 70 years old
Nagato-cho, I thought than I should have integrated into the fold of Wada village merger Female Over 70 years old
I think that it should be integrated as soon as possible. Children are getting more and more nested Female Over 70 years old
I think that there is also a worry in many aspects, but I think that I want to proceed with a separated at an early stage Female Over 70 years old
Although, he said the favor if anything, to be integrated, at the base of the heart I think is too good to disappear integration Wada junior high school is excellent (than before) somehow. Between about 10 years it is who I think it is better not to merge the more junior high school students. Number of students in elementary school, but I do not know, do you do not have to integrate if still minority Female Over 70 years old
Given that of the children, I think integration is that it is best Female Over 70 years old
Than the small number of people education, or to study competing with the large number of students, I think that it is important to or exercise Female Over 70 years old
I have finished the child-rearing before even half a century. Children in the baby boom also many, class many, within one year 7 class to 8 classes and Mammoth state, I graduated somehow safely. Children are entangled, playful each other, or to get along or to the fight, I think that's what we grew up in such. Now fewer children, I think that a large people too bullying, too taken up with the bullying. It's okay. Believe in the children of the possibility, the thought left over children, (be careful or to reflect) gently teachers Please also education with confidence Female Over 70 years old
Now of age but I think that there are a variety of problems, I think that it is better to educate a large number of in than the still small number of people Female Over 70 years old
In such as in a bus of the town, well events, but I get a news story, you heard that, "Oh, I talk about over there in the village." It should be integrated soon. Everyone through the junior high school three years to pass, I think a good chance the student, the parent of both. Also the town mayor, because it is born Wada, we often hear the word over there just has been preferential treatment. This is also in the sense of solving the misunderstanding, in any way, I think that it should strive for integration of the town Female Over 70 years old
Considering the cross-border school from the past, I think that integration is about late. I think I should do it as soon as possible Female Over 70 years old
It is lonely to his alma mater is eliminated. Worry more and more population of Sukunaru Female Over 70 years old
I it is lonely junior high school is no longer in Wada, the number of children is reduced, so not good to have things like there are child remain in the Ikuko and Wada into the south, who issued the early conclusion It was thought that good Female Over 70 years old
It is said that the integration Do you have after many years? Deficit of increasing the town administration, should it Yamere unmotivated lawmakers, the legislators if there is no force. People such as those clinging wanted got money should quit immediately. A waste of tax Female Over 70 years old
Children becomes less and less, but I think that only Wada has become very, than school is very? I think Female Over 70 years old
I do not have children in the Wada. Apparently the fact that women's one person in one academic year of junior high school. I think it lonely for children Female Over 70 years old
I think there is also a merit of the high density of the small number of school education, increases the likelihood of children going out to the future society, in order to encourage self-reliance as a member of society as well, encounter and exchange of new people is very I think it's important. Sooner or later, changes in the environment is to go fluttered in society is necessary, until the 15 years old as of the current Wada district, the environment to spend in the same member is really good for the children of the future think Absent.    
· If you integration, I think that it would be better from the elementary school, not from the junior high school. In elementary school for six years, social because I think that because personal nature, such as sociability comes almost established, I think does not get used is a child that does not get used to say that because I suddenly integration from junior high school, Wada district I think that is not limited to children, produce and children of the confusion of the district Nagato    
・ It is my personal opinion, but probably because the children in the Wada area have been growing up with a small number of people (not all of them, of course), there are still many places with poor sociality (rough words and behavior, too strong personality, etc.). It stands out when you go inside.With that in mind, I think it's better to integrate from elementary school rather than junior high school and establish an "individual" while living in a group.    
- in the direction of the reason that "desirable to Integration" was out of the Board of Education, but there if there are things that do not compensate for small schools, I think there are things that do not compensated even on a large scale (middle). Please tell me whether or not the comparison of such respective advantages and disadvantages have been made properly. In particular, academic level and course content, etc. of Wadachu and in the south, also Wadachu is pioneering in areas education, what about in the south?    
• In the town education Charter Nagawa "regions nurture a rich education together education, proud of the hometown education" There are a. Union standing Not of the (across two of the city and town) "region together" runs counter to? City, has its own policy on the town, Not the blurred portions that together?    
- also for the future of NAGAWA, (it divided the culmination) as Municipal person who made the 1 one of the junior high school is considered good. By doing so, it is education that was in young, small, consistent, I think that the region also go with backup. And I love the hometown, heart gently, hope self-reliant and children want to grow up    
· I think that it is unavoidable to integrate by decreasing the number of children, but now there are people who go to the south rather than a decrease in the number of people, the problem is that the number of people in Wadanaka will decrease Is there a problem with what you are trying to do without touching that point? I think that. Although it is supposed to be the one that is left, it seems that things that are burdening over there are being thought through.    
And nursery schools, elementary and junior high school and then to have put a force cooperation, I think how will change the policy to return the palm of the hand in a few years    
- Most are, Nagato-cho, through the merger of Wada village, because he became a NAGAWA, Nagawa junior high school establishment is desirable    
In the previous briefing, from the fact that the majority was in favor of integration, we hope the integration of early (within one year). Most are also different degree of interest in or not or not their children are at the time of integration. In the future, we believe that should be respected the parent of the opinion relating to within a few years. In reality parents are thinking seriously with children, are let go to the culmination and until the change of address. Parent is not bad. It is a problem that time also not issued a conclusion to. For example, if you want to integrate, rather than to change gradually as the method, take lessons Wadachu class all to go to the culmination. Such as freshman is carried out in a class that mixed with Nagato, Takeishi.    
For bus, make adjustments to the school, etc. to adjust the return home time (adjusted to the end of the club), if you take contact with JR and the school on a day-to-day basis, it is also reduced parent of burden.    
Scale not the only benefits. There Datte Small merit. In fact Wadachu efforts great    
· They say that they can not organize a team with club activities. There are similar problems in small and small areas, but it has survived by hybridization with other schools    
- the majority is there is a principle of democracy, inter-regional power (population ratio, Nagato district: Wada district) minority opinion of Wada district would be buried. In many problems, just this thing becomes apparent    

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