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Questionnaire report continued 3 on NAGAWA junior high school integration problem

Published 2015 years 03 month 02 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 22 Date

Extracurricular activities, etc., I think that if you could think of as parents's pick-up is not a burden Male 50 fee
In addition, the conclusion is decided right now, to be executed Male 50 fee
Active duty in elementary school, junior high school has if necessary to hear whether they think. Opinion of the minority, believe there is a deep thing, I think it's important Male 50 fee
Protagonist is the children. I hope as soon as possible integration Male 50 fee
Even now, students in Wada area have heard the current situation that their parents are doing club activities as they move home. Considering the reality that such people exist, it is mysterious why we have not integrated until now Male 50 fee
Conclusion of whether or not to integrate the only fast is better possible. It does not go immediately and when it comes to the actual integration. I think I take still two to three years. I want you to think of the highest priority children (middle school) more than anything Male 50 fee
Education, such as produce autonomy is desirable. Once you become a member of society, curriculum opportunity increases to think or want to be what kind of man is good Male 50 fee
Is desirable integrated into the south Male 50 fee
When yourself of junior high school, elementary school of 4 schools come together, but was a big junior high school, I think that it was good can send fun 3 year without bullying and truancy. The best thing is, because the club activities to choose freely, I think that can send a more fulfilling school life. We expect the early integration even one day Male 50 fee
I attended in the south. The I know there are many on the far Takeishi the village, but the mountain to 1 one beyond the Wada acquaintance does not have even one. It is regrettable though it is very close. We hope the early integration because he was in the same town with Wada Male 50 fee
From my experience, I think that Takeishi, it was often became very positive in the old Nagato after be in contact with a lot of life in junior high school. Early integration is considered good for the growth of the student's own Male 50 fee
I replied the favor if anything, I think that there is a problem that also apply to the opposite of reason Male 50 fee
So as to eliminate the entanglement of interests Male 50 fee
I think the students if you want to go in the south, to integrate with nature if Shiteyare to freedom. It is funny to opposition in the opinion of the parent Male 50 fee
Children poor Male 50 fee
I want you opened the NAGAWA junior high school in the center of the town Male 50 fee
When integration is, I want to to secure the school bus in the town (free) Male 50 fee
I hope Nagawa Municipal Junior High School. This time of Yoda recess southern junior high school also, because it does not know what becomes what direction. That the school is lost, because there is a risk that leads to population decline Male 50 fee
Parents will was found to cooperate with the school events, etc., but I am in extreme shy, because it is poor communication, large events such as exchanges with poor small is very painful. I want to quit if you can Male 50 fee
For integration, I think that to respect the parent of the opinion that with the children and their children, may if you get a conclusion. The Personally, there is no Wada Junior High School will think very lonely. Whether hurry not, I would like you to put out a good result Male 50 fee
Board of Education of the directional (1), agree to (2). Been many discussions and studies have enough of, it seems to have now boiled down. I question whether it makes sense to take the time to future discussion. In such uncertain circumstances, children will continue to rapidly grow. If you think about the children first of all, the conclusion is I think the earlier the better. Not Wadachu or culmination of the selection of Question 3, an increasing number of middle and high consistency of the schools in the prefecture, choice is spreading. My home is enrolled from junior high school to the consistency schools of up to childish Department - University, are learning through experience that can not be obtained elsewhere. For children responsible for the future as the town, including such as exchange programs, further proposed a wide choice of width, I want you to also consider such aid, grants associated with it Female 50 fee
While saying only junior high school of integration issues, nursery schools, from basic things such as elementary school, I think that we should go a little more thought. Until the integration is determined is, I think that should not be recognized is incorporated into the south from Wadachu Female 50 fee
You have as much as possible hope the integration of early Female 50 fee
We want to achieve faster towards integration. I think why it took so long Female 50 fee
It is important children of thought (I think, hope and requests) Female 50 fee
Not only the junior high school, we would like you to please also consider the integration of elementary school. If the same town, as also integrated nursery school, children of the alternating current, I would like to expand the width of the cycle Female 50 fee
As well as adults of opinion, children of opinion Will What about? Rather than just large people to discuss, please emphasize to the best children's feelings and opinions. When the various problems came out, is the children to actually deal. However, I would like to see raised to cherish the children to proceed to high school, university, society Female 50 fee
When a daughter is enrolled in the Yoda recess southern part, it is that 3 year had heard that are integrated Once you become 17 grade even before. Then it would have been many until today, but I think it is better to be integrated as early as again one day. More than anything, I want you to think in a child's eyes Female 50 fee
Students even if the number becomes less of Wadachu, I've heard is through in the south in order to want to enter the club you want to do a student there. But is a poor to have that kind of student, until junior high school I want without integration. But it is good to increase the number of PTA, is the opposite Female 50 fee
Not only the junior high school, I think it is better to nursery school and also integrated elementary school (in order to expand the children of the wheel also, be considered the future of the town) Female 50 fee
Children goes out town, in you do not know come back in the future, I think that it becomes as greet the old age in the couple two people lived. I think town development that is attractive, such as children come back is that it is important. Now of declining birthrate, to continue to finance reduction, including the integration, I think that should not defect so that we think of how I do Female 50 fee
The funny school district school of the problem is out in the same town. Because it is the same town, may we'll be able to go to the person who you want children to go. I think that should have been integrated into before these problems occur. We should put out as soon as possible conclusion. To the people who are opposed is that it is tough it is also firmly tell financial burden (principal, assistant principal, and the adoption of each subject teacher) Female 50 fee
Entree also I think it is very good learning have done at Wada Junior High School. I feel like there is only a junior high school age to learn that there is only in Wada Female 50 fee
Because the children get lost, I think that I want you to decide quickly. The Wada Junior High School became really care is children 3 people Female 50 fee
Every year a child is small, we wanted to promote the story in a more early stage Female 50 fee
· Children are treasure. The education of the children who will be the future is very important, and it is also related to the survival of the town. I would like to think over and take the best method (for children !!) Female 50 fee
To do unless attend Wadachu, and have students running through into the south, wonder whether more and more decreased the number of Wadachu, it is good in such a state Female 50 fee
Please be concluded within this year Male 60 fee
The school is better that there is a certain degree of scale, efficient, we believe that more is achievement of a good education obtained Male 60 fee
I think that there are all kinds of opinions, but the guardian of the opinions and requests with the children in person I think the important Male 60 fee
It should also be considered for the junior high school integration and other government for financial reduction of town (staff reductions, etc.) Male 60 fee
But is to be student decrease concern, or if Ueda (Takeishi) to What if now people of the region are going to Maruko junior high school? I think that the number of people is what may be The more is a negative for education Male 60 fee
Education level is too low (Ueda high school enrollment zero) Male 60 fee
Tangled with Ueda, the discussion (about the low birth rate problem) Male 60 fee
No matter what it should be integrated. I want you doing thinking properly is school surface Male 60 fee
I myself, was a branch school life. School life in a small number of people, can not be important to widen the child's mind. Children in person suffer. I think from my own experience, and should be more broad-based Male 60 fee
Teacher, sucked up the very best also the feelings of the students, and then hope that you to the selection, not leave the future root of evil Male 60 fee
I am not a born Hon, I do not have knowledge of the school. Town of industry, employment and population increase or decrease, I think that can be expected at the time of the merger. Integration of the junior high school I think unavoidable. It was felt to come to town, from the consciousness of the town, is the strength of the local consciousness. I the beginning of the relationship is "I think greetings and words." Social, what now that globalization is said, do not unless firm raised the number. I think that the country may at ish countryside. I think that should not be in the urbanites reserve army. "Boy it ambitious" is What old? Male 60 fee
At the time of the 4 towns and villages of their own I started going to junior high school is Takeishi-Furumachi-Nagakubo-Daimon, the number of our Daimon intended serving terrible, was about five to fit men and women in one class. Although the first of the time there was even confusion, over time, with each other to make friends who of the same results, you will remember that there was no gap. It seems Some person doing the bullying to the bitter, if Mose by my own, human beings had been a clearly Koreans and human rights discrimination to the other district (what was Furumachi) enters into the junior high school, it is contrary to the discrimination human beings are or been criticized in other people, there was that rather human relationship has changed. So the number is increased, if or place of class, it seems that it is the nature and problems that it also solves. At the same school costs of problem also is that should be resolved in each financial ward Male 60 fee
Yoda depression is based on the premise than the integration time of the southern middle school construction plan. Also cherish the precious time as a junior high school student, and I want to integrate as soon as possible to spend a lot of buddies. Unfortunately it was spun off a number of junior high school students in the mismanagement of irresponsible incompetence and the mayor of the superintendent who was the conclusion to the user without having to travel across until now. In addition, as Wada district of ego is not also forget that it had Makarito' until now have prevented the townspeople integration of Nagawa Male 60 fee
I'm sorry in a personal opinion, but Once you have decided and integration, I want to achieve within two to three years. Up to the current fourth grade to enroll in junior high school Male 60 fee
That there are a variety of ideas with respect to junior high school integration will not understand, but in Wada district I go is the point where you want to focus the depopulation, the pawl to sparsely populated, there in the idea that I want to increase the young workers. That there is no children's education facility in that direction is a major brake on the young people introduced. Consider the short-term of convenience only, is losing sight of the vision for the future, we believe that it is not the correct way of administrative Male 60 fee
Because I think that nationally become declining birthrate, I think that there is no way, but I want to think of the best things children Male 60 fee
- Nagawa Why is not there a choice of integrated junior high school? New building construction there is a good reason in its own way. However, junior high school age, there is only only three years. This valuable time want to let them spend an ideal educational environment. Looking back on his junior high school age, I really feel Male 60 fee
Currently have raised the level of knowledge, parents think very. I want go to a good direction for NAGAWA development Female 60 fee
I think I can I do to foster the children in good environment surrounded by nature. Let me touch the more local tradition the children, we expect the activities Ikeru to leave tradition. For example, to join all the middle 2 men on floats making. Since the 2 girls are participating in the dance, I want you to come participate in the men's. Will be aging, floats making has also become a very. Please by all means to participate Female 60 fee
Going to integrate because the declining birth rate is progressing I think that can not be helped. Where it is how to integrate the problem to, but junior high school (culmination) or would not be going to integrate now. School would not change much even Wada also Daimon Female 60 fee
Integration for the population decline is I think that can not be helped Female 60 fee
It is unnatural that there are two middle schools in a small town. I thought that I should integrate more quickly. Although I left Maruko Junior High School, I am in junior high school, people in East International, West Indies also joined together, I think that what I learned in many people was good. I feel a sense of unity, I think that there are many good aspects even after becoming an adult Female 60 fee
It is sad that junior high school will disappear in Changwa Town. I think that it would be nice if I could make Changwa Junior High School in the town even now Female 60 fee

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