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Questionnaire report continued 2 on NAGAWA junior high school integration problem

Published 2015 years 03 month 02 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 22 Date

Or it should not be explained to residents, such as school of aging problem of Wada Junior High School Male 40 fee
Because he was great pains nursery school also can fine building, I think in people was good that was integrated. Will such questionnaire is not taken to residents? Male 40 fee
Even if the number of students is too small or too multi-I think there is harm. If I think the most that of the children, I think it is good to integrate at the moment Male 40 fee
The burden of a variety of parts, also believes that the integration is desirable think of the children. However, since it is also a fact that would eliminate history, culture, etc., to respect the opinions of various people, I want you to aim the meaningful integration. For a time, but I want you to aim the assertion of education length, hope not to integration that was never unreasonable. In addition, since I think also that it is important the children of opinion, we would like consideration Male 40 fee
So as not to children of the burden, thank you consideration Male 40 fee
Because showed the policy as "better to integration is good", I want to go show a clear time such as "to integrate from April 27 year 4 month". We expect children early integration Male 40 fee
We hope to proceed to the best direction to the children of education Male 40 fee
I would like you to think about a good way for the future of children who are treasure (wealth) in Changwa Town Male 40 fee
I am already merging with 10 years ago, I think that integration of junior high school from the beginning is a matter of course, I am late. Question 4 is all I think. In the country, the voices of old people are still deep-rooted. When thinking about the future of children, we should draw conclusions quickly. It will not become a real merger of Changwa-cho, so you can not ego Male 40 fee
We want to integrate speedily without any delay Male 40 fee
Among the population is decreasing, the old Nagato, I think we have become a burden financially going to educate the old Wada and separately, I would like to see the early integration so I think children can not settled you Male 40 fee
I think that the merger from the beginning discussions have been. Upon celebrating the 10 anniversary next year, also in order to further foster the integration of the town, the future of the children more than anything else is who was also as soon as possible integration we believe that good. I'd like a polite explanation to the student-parents who attend to Wadachu Male 40 fee
When integrating, are there some years in the middle? I think that it is better to start from 4 moon. Wada's Elementary School 6 senior guardian said, "What about school uniforms?" Even if it is inevitable from the way, after the 27 year, is it better to have uniform uniforms? Male 40 fee
I feel was good even out sooner this story Male 40 fee
I think the need for adequate consideration is to go to school so that it is not involved in an accident and incident Male 40 fee
Progress in depopulation, I think that in that population has also decreased children, it is better to integration of school Male 40 fee
Takeishi in the future, Maruko, including the district, I think integration also the need to take into the field of view for children reduction Male 40 fee
Waste in taxes and various aspects should be integrated from the nursery, elementary school. Go become useless town and not notice that the children of freedom has been taken away by the appearance of the parent more old Male 40 fee
By integrating, region will increasingly impoverished. Low birth rate, and in the even of the entire town population for free is reduced, or all right be integrated? Merger with future Ueda, it feels to repeat the same thing in school integration. Parenting strengthening of support, etc. to ensure a place to work with young people, the town of charm, is possible to develop a livable environment is important. Bad not a era that because it is small scale now. Okay if there is a charm to the school. Also of club activities problem is not considered a school club activities, I think that it should be carried out in the community. Because good leaders are a lot in the area, without being bound to a stereotype, I want you to consider the vision with an eye 10 year, the 20 year destination Male 40 fee
I want you to leave if the leave a Wadachu, but children Wadachu, can not consent to become divided in the south. If you become separated as a child attending Kayouko, in the south also Wadachu from now, I think that there is good integration better yet. Just drop off and pick up, etc. by the integration, we want you as the parent of the burden does not increase Male 40 fee
Decisions have been postponed, only just time goes past Male 40 fee
By eliminating the middle school of the Municipal, can not understand is that the union stand. Also I do not know the contents of the "NAGAWA Education Charter," but, worried not become a school management that is partitioned into Ueda. You can write any dissent here, downright inconsolable that the integration has been decided. Wada junior high school graduates or students of any feelings you Have you ever thought,? Some the of time students who want to go from Nagato Wada Junior High School (for academic achievement up). My daughter and son says even now as "was good Wada Junior High School". Ties with the people is enough even from getting to high school Male 40 fee
As integration has been determined, students who entered the Wadachu want to let as it is graduated with Wadachu. Do not want to change school is in the middle Male 40 fee
It is a problem that this condition persists. And I forgive an area outside the school, sorry to be a pay back in installments to this kind of situation. Feel uncomfortable in the integration of the responsibility everyone without feeling Male 40 fee
In the three items of reason and integration is desirable, it can be said the same thing in elementary school or nursery school, not only in junior high school Male 40 fee
How long is the question whether the trailing the extent of the problem. It describes the current situation, in education, what kind of impact or whether the harm is to the children, naturally, as long as properly explain how to learn what kind of things in what environment is a junior high school, adult ego and cheesy feelings without being cry Ron, I feel that it is was carrying. Or education length of responsibility avoidance of the, I do not know what a fetters of the Board of Education, does not seem only to have spent time and money to be useless forever. Already out conclusion, is explained properly, if enrich the school bus from the cost of Wadachu that used to take up to now, think that also solves the problem of school after Male 40 fee
In any case, a small description from the town. Somehow Commission heard that was able to a few years ago, there is no description of its contents, or the like. It is slow to do! Most children of this age is poor. "I do not want to integrate the time being" in the previous year 10 is the story of the only district Wada, was the talk of thinking as a whole NAGAWA, leading to now nothing is not Male 40 fee
It exists in Ueda City itself, what is integration. Rather than integrating only children, if you are going to Ueda City by town, you still know the story. It is quite doubtful whether the citizens have taken full-scale efforts to increase the population of the town. Do not impose patience on children Male 40 fee
My children of Yoda recess southern part during the admission of the year, has enrolled eight from Wadachu. The Wadachu not baseball, I heard that because I wanted to play football. That year, Wadachu second tooth 8 name admission de, half moth southern middle two come hand shut other Toyuu ancient city disciple other (PTA, student association activities moth very door to hear better, etc.). Yoda recess is in the southern part there was a child that comes from the princess tree of NAGAWA. Distance it might be closer to those who attended in Southern consider and from Wadachu a. I do not think that you can not commute if you use the school bus, and the like. I think that if it is possible to carefully consider the child's feelings Female 40 fee
I think a lot of selection (and integration, and study many of the fellow, be life such as extracurricular activities) in the can, whether those who life can not for a good environment for children. Since the financial burden of the town is also reduced, some in favor of the integration Female 40 fee
Children's will (mind) is top priority Female 40 fee
Some years multiplying going to such of without also determine when to? Half-hearted in children is sorry. It is much slower as to integrate from the next fiscal year. If there is no option of "do not want to integrate", you should decide quickly. Because of the number of children of the town has decreased only this, there is a lot that we have to do to the other. Certainly I think that environment to foster children is superior of the district Wada. That it is not a people's affairs also residents of the district Nagato, I think that there may be a need to fix myself Female 40 fee
Rather than a parent, I think the thought of a child, that they should be integrated Female 40 fee
In everything, listen to children, and parents and says, I hope the decision not caught the interests Female 40 fee
When it becomes a NAGAWA, junior high school I think that should have been integrated. Address Toka useless if it is not Nagato, Grandpa, if grandma is Toka ... children are the opposite of young people for Wada graduates of Nagawa treasure, you will be rewarded in the free for the children that are more future I think in was good. I think that it is a difficult issue, but I think that we should to proceed to early Female 40 fee
If it is such thing that it does not go unless it integrates for the economic reason etc. of the town etc, we will not disagree, but if you can say hope, it is good to remain in Wadanaka. My older sister graduated from Wadanaka (1 class 18 people) It was a very relaxing education, there was no case that each of us got involved and I was not troubled with going to school. When adolescents were difficult, I was instructed to instruct teachers slowly over time taking care of individuals, I was very grateful. It is a pity that the goodness will be lost by integration. Also, increasing the burden on school attendance is both economically and physically difficult for both the person and the family. My sister went through a high school in Ueda city and had a lot of difficulties. If it comes to integration, think that examination is important so that students are not burdened with preparing multiple flights for bus flights. Yuta Kubo middle school is a good school, but for the moment the merger will be three grades a year, but in a few years it will become a two-class graduate school soon, so I think that the advantage of so-called large school is few. I think that it is kind that the guardian explained to the school of 1 grade 2 class that it will be around ○ ○. Regarding PTA as well, since I have elected one PTA president at Wada School so far, I have not issued a PTA president from elementary school, but I think that I will definitely come out from elementary school when middle school runs out, so such explanation is also necessary I think Female 40 fee
I want you to answer about 1 to 10 question 5 Female 40 fee
Less number of people to attend to now Wada Junior High School, it has been thought that unavoidable to integrate. The most concern is, the south has heard that focus on extracurricular activities. Further academic decline is worrisome, favor! It is hard to say that Female 40 fee
My child is elementary school 6 grade. This child is on this issue by the time of 3 years old, I remember that I wrote the future I think. In that has been brought up while having a anxiety from there, going past time is without change, it has become a year greet the junior high school. School bus wo out of hand gotten hand, friend relationship Roh spread middle-de learn to hand raised enough club mourning a lot a medium scolded picked out, their two-match another school life wo start is to hand raised gather other death. Even anxiety whether this questionnaire will help. Now, in a given environment, since it is not only work hard, we want to strive even parents to support their children Female 40 fee
We want you to urgently resolve Female 40 fee
The children the idea that Grow by the force of the region, I think that it is difficult and to be integrated with the culmination. The NAGAWA I want junior high school of Municipal. I think it will get better future also how unity of the region, do you unreasonable? Female 40 fee
Both I and children love Wada. The child was born in Wada and I am proud of being raised in Wada. I want to cherish this home. I appreciate it thanks to nursery schools, elementary schools, teachers, people in the area watched and carefully nurtured. However, if you care about Wada, thinking only about Wada, I do not think it would be nice to stay in Wada only. I think that we should also broaden our horizons and friendships. So, I think it is a very good thing to learn from the Nagato area, children in the Takeishi area in the south. It is different from the era when there were hundreds of children in Wada. Please think about the future of the child first. Please realize junior high school integration as soon as possible Female 40 fee
On the contrary, I think a good If you try to call the children of Yoda recess southern junior high school in Wada Junior High School Female 40 fee
Although I am a migrant, I have heard various things about the merger issue. Thinking of the child, the current situation being told by humans and other people in town about what we decided by the family is heartbreaking. If you want to leave junior high school in Wada district, people who went to junior high school in Yoda Kubo, as a town, village, rather than saying anything, to collect people in this area, or to make a city that you do not want to go out Personally thinking that turning consciousness is more positive (I think whether it is possible if looking at a long span). However, as of now, I would like to integrate as a parent with children who go to junior high school in the future. And this questionnaire, I think that it is a question that everyone should absolutely hear for households with children who go to junior high school from now on. Because it is a party Female 40 fee
· I think that it is difficult for other ideas to comment if many opinions are agreed for integration in places like the last discussion. I think that some people agree, but I think that it will become even harder to say when discussing on the premise of integration. I did not clearly understand the gist which decided the Board of Education policy. I think that some people think that it will be decided if it decides, but I think that it will not be revived if integrated, so I think that it is better to carefully talk more. When I talk a couple of times, I think that many opposition was not decided, so I would like you to show firmly the thoughts of those who oppose it, or measures to deal with that concern when integrated. I think that everyone will not be convinced, but I want people to accept the thoughts of those who oppose it. I think that there are people who become uneasy when being told that they will "merge" suddenly. If we decide to integrate in this situation. The strange thing that the person who went to the south while living in Wada is correct is justified Female 40 fee
Regarding junior high school integration issues, we discussed talks many times, hearing the opinion of townspeople who did not go to school every time, did not reach integration, but even if it is decided not to merge or integrate in the future, for many years I think that we will have the same discussion ahead of time. If you know that it will happen, I think that it is better to decide when the time to discuss and talk about integration Female 40 fee

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