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Questionnaire report continued on NAGAWA junior high school integration problem

Published 2015 years 03 month 02 Date

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 22 Date

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Question 4 (towards the answer with favor Speaking either in Question 3 (1) favor (2)) and why?
Every year, there is no integration issues at Wada Junior High School, for children, be very well Male 30 fee
Because even Wada of the children heard that through to Yoda recess southern junior high school now Male 40 fee
I think that there is no way due to the small number of students. For However, children and parents, I think to go to junior high school in the vicinity of your own home is the most desirable Female 40 fee
Because there are children to enroll in out of town junior high school without integration Male 50 fee
It becomes less staff expenses Male 50 fee
You can have a place to experience classes that you could only experience at Wada Junior High School, even in the students of former Nagato Town Female 50 fee
Children depending on growth, should grow in a wider society Male Over 70 years old



Question 5 (towards the opposite speaking either in Question 3 (3) (4) opposite to the answer) why?
More and more of the depopulation of Wada district worry Male 40 fee
There are too many disadvantages, such as changes in the school and the environment Female 40 fee
Yoda recess but in the southern part is good if it is left, the opposite if attending Wada Junior High School Female 50 fee
From (1) (2) reasons (3) (the orientation of the Board of Education), to think that integration into the immediate culmination is funny. I think that other methods (NAGAWA Toka make a stand of junior high school), it is also necessary to consider Female 50 fee
I think that it is important to take advantage of the born grow chance to Wada Male 60 fee
There are also choices of elementary schools such as elementary and junior high school, while others are doing good work on a small scale in other junior high school Male Over 70 years old


In Question 7 NAGAWA of junior high school education and integration problem, If you have any comments or requests, please write freely
Even after the merger, the old Nagato and Old Wada feel not only students but somewhat walls and gaps. Although it can be said as the height of mutual pride, it is also felt as exclusive. I feel that it is difficult to develop "Nagato Town Educational Charter" in the inability to feel the unity of the townspeople. In order to solve this, I think that unification of junior high school is meaningful. I would like to learn the mutual culture and tradition (such as choral competition and regional occupation experience) and improve the contents. I would like you to take care so that the timing of transfer will not be a burden on 3 graders. I want to respect the opinions of the students / guardians Male 20 fee
If the original, I think the town was good if integration when the merger. Without procrastination, it is better to integrate early Male 20 fee
The children in the number of people a lot of environment, for education and sports, we would create an environment that can be selected is good Male 20 fee
I think that integration of junior high schools is one of the important tasks in the problem of the declining birthrate and aging population in Nagato cho. The merit of integration is "new friends" junior high school friend is a lifetime friend. I am realizing that I am also a working member. Because it is a rural town, it is very important to help each other. I think that the most familiar existence is a classmate. As a disadvantage of integration, as in Q5, I think that there are issues of commuting to school and loneliness such that old school alumni villagers lose their alma mater. So I think that ingenuity to leave the shape of the school building is necessary. We will use school buildings that have become discontinued as facilities at the government office (Facilities such as social welfare council's lively salon and Yamabiko Gakuen) I think that we can think as many as possible. The most important thing is the feeling of the students going to junior high school and studying in the year to implement integration. In particular I think that it is necessary to explain in detail the way of commuting to Wada area. In the days of junior high school students, I also performed social physical education at club activities, after all there was no time for buses and I had to rely on my parents' feet. Next to the townspeople. I might also integrate? I only know the story. Can we solve all this problem during the current fiscal year, which is what the education chief was in according to Q6? Since it is not good to delay procrastination as much as slurping, I answered that it was within 2 to 3 years. We are sure to talk carefully and look forward to opening good results Male 20 fee
Asked to decide whether or not to integrate into the fiscal 26 year, I want to formally integrated into the fiscal year 28 4 month Male 20 fee
Even if made in integration, I want you there is a men's volleyball in extracurricular activities Male 20 fee
Rather than the adult of convenience, want to hear the child's opinion Male 20 fee
That meet a variety of human beings, I think that would be a good experience. I think the lonely that there is something that would, but than that, I want you to think more the future of the future of the children. But is another opinion, Nagato Small also becomes out of date, because it also reduced student, Even that come together to Wada small beautiful school building, or would not it be for the future of the town? Male 20 fee
I think that has come to the time of integration. Advantages and disadvantages, but it is of course there, I think I need to support that was in each. Procrastination does not seem a good Male 20 fee
If you anymore already integrated, do not loose forever, I would like to integrate as quickly as possible. If you have any problems, then any deal can be any number. I want you to think of children first than the townspeople of opinion (do not need, such as opinion) Male 20 fee
After the alma mater is no longer, really lonely. I think the greater impact on the elementary school. I want to think also the use of the school building at the same time Male 20 fee
If you are thinking really the future of the children responsible for the next generation, I think is funny itself that the opinion that the opposition comes out. Eliminating the reason for the opposition of question 5, I think that the entire town is to be convinced that it is the responsibility of the Board of Education Male 20 fee
Without saying the same thing as if ... this year is repeated many times, I do not think I have to the integration, even right now. Office, education length seems not like to be one of the work. If you think the most that of children, it should be integrated right now. Than not proceed because they thought that the effects and use of the area? Because the city was the merger, there is no Wada also Nagato. Strange that attend to another junior high school in the same town. NAGAWA forever because such is not it comes to the integral. To end early a useless discussion, please as soon as possible concluded for children Female 20 fee
What I do not know most good, but up the problems that are now faced with the current junior high school in that position, thinking, I think I want to go one by one forward. As it will be the determination that the possible measures to be proud of NAGAWA Female 20 fee
In the number of students has decreased, wasteful and junior high school is divided into two. If you make a coming-of-age ceremony in the joint, I think that may also wish to build a human relationship to integrate the junior high school. Away feeling is also to participate with the people who do not know Female 20 fee
I think this is one of the good person who thought of integration when it becomes NAGAWA? Wadachu and although in the south might be easier After integration, people of Wada is become very? Now that took the questionnaire, or favor is more or opposite often, do you depend on either? Will mayor is what to say? Nothing I do not know man, it is said to please answer the questionnaire, whether you'll be able to answer to do not know what kind of story has come out? Female 20 fee
Not only adults, we want to hear students' opinion of Wadachu and in Yoda recess south, difficult Female 20 fee
It is that his alma mater that no longer lonely, but spent a junior high school days with a small number of people, able to adapt to the large population suddenly in high school, was my own very much. 1 class only without, compared to other middle school, can events be less still a small number of people, small business I think is not good for children. However, when I was a junior high school students, there is also a lesson that comes with 15 ~ 4 teachers to 3 people following of students, I think had been blessed with such a point, I think that it also leads to academic improvement. Because a little hard to go in the south from Wada, I think that it is necessary to be firm measures of its sides Female 20 fee
If the number of people is me low, I think that there is no way. The more choices of extracurricular activities, I think it's good for children. Because there is a lot of good thing because Wadachu, I want to take over the good Once the integration. When the integration is, Wada Junior High School building is I want to leave Female 20 fee


Overlooking the selection of education (quality improvement) Male 30 fee
Because it does not have heard the opinions directly from the children, but was struggling to answer the questionnaire, we have described the opinions of people from around the current situation with the parents and as a reference. Even if Wada Junior High School was supposed to be integrated, that school I think I do not want torn down because it is a great school (is a treasure of the town) Male 30 fee
Where village consciousness is strong as Wada district, I think that coexistence with other district is difficult. Of thing than the (impact on integration) children, whether or not it takes the parents and community is not an issue. Even now whatever the outcome example, there is only issued answer penetrates believe to be correct. Again, depending on the perception of the adult, the way in any way it folds out Male 30 fee
Starting with acknowledging school district attendance and seeing the course, I feel that I have finally begun to tackle the integration problem by finally raising the waist to make it unnecessary to overtake school district attendance problems. Integration may also be unavoidable due to the declining birthrate, but I think that it is good to find the best policy considering the impact on the area Male 30 fee
In recent years the number of children has decreased due to the impact of year after year low birth rate, time to draw conclusions about the integration issues of Wada Junior High School I think that fast is better (because I think that there is no merit even if put off the problem). In addition, with respect to whether or not to integrate into TAKUBO southern junior high school Yi Wada Junior High School, local residents and families, giving priority to the feelings of children each person, I would like the majority of people who have concluded that understanding and cooperation can be popular Male 30 fee
Why wonder what had dragged this issue so far. I want to attend to in the south to (want to attend) because, although there is a situation where there are children who are fictitious moved to the old Nagato town, do not know why that has been denied the integration of junior high school become opinionated. Undeniable is a feeling of "long overdue" to say clearly Male 30 fee
I feel like over nuisance to children in the adult of circumstances, circumstances Male 30 fee
Yoda Kubo southern junior high school even number of people is reduced, and also there is also a small club the number of extracurricular activities. Even if it will be saved with us contains more of Wada Junior High School even a little. Can be a lot of friends, I think that can send a fun school life. Please put out the early conclusion within this year Male 30 fee
Enhancement of the club. Enhancement of English education Male 30 fee
- More than anything, I think that if Ayumiyora adults each other (Wada district and Nagato district), the integration of Nagawa townspeople impossible. There is more of the children is also adaptable, the way people relate to others is good. I think Nagawa to make piggybacked the town integrated into the children is that it is cruel. Children who grow up looking at the adult's back. If you do not to get along adults first get along, than meaningless, such as integration of the junior high school? I will think Male 30 fee
In the flow from the prior to the merger of the town, it seems there is also a dissenting opinion to the integration, to focus on in the southern part of the small NAGAWA have done in the union standing with Ueda, I think that should give a sense of unity to the town Male 30 fee
I do not know well the detailed numbers, or the like, not only clearly in Nagawa, Japan as a whole is declining population, in the financial scale is reduced, I feel that what is unreasonable is in the framework of the current situation. If you had two schools might have merit, such as a fine education can be, but the people involved is less feel to most of the disadvantages. Medical welfare direction is not limited to the city to integrate "community," "residents", mutual assistance (teacher, not only the parents, in the whole area) Let's create a mechanism of Male 30 fee
I want to leave the culture of Wadachu until now Male 30 fee
Thinking of the children of the future, we believe that it is better to immediately integrate. Adult I would like to ensure there is no thing to be confined to a small bowl the children for the ego of the (regional) Male 30 fee
We who live in the old Nagato has benefits a lot to the fact that the Wada Junior High School to integrate, I agree. By the number of students increases, I think that children of profit increases. But, home to attend future Wada Junior High School, for the home you are through, we have heard that there is considerable anxiety and burden (I also If you lived in Wada, is the same opinion). Enough to listen to the opinion of the people of Wada (to parents each and every child and child), we want to promote the integration for children Male 30 fee
Young people should be better to give priority to the opinions of (student). Opinion of people to create the future Male 30 fee
Given the place which could not be integration of the nursery school, I believe that is the necessary discussions with the people of more Wada district Male 30 fee
Not only in the current fiscal year, which is a child running through from the district Wada into the southern part of the reason the previous from extracurricular activities, etc.. Wadachu but there is also an advantage that I be each and every well taught in small groups, sometimes referred to as seen from the children are not able to go in such circumstances of the household even want to go into the south. I think that along with the growth, also a certain point it is difficult to expand the field of view. Nagato as NAGAWA, but Wada district were together, resulting in a feeling there is no sense of unity forever Male 30 fee
Is important to respect the children and students of the opinion of NAGAWA directly related to integration issues is the best, and crave your attention receive as Male 30 fee
As soon as possible, as soon as possible, I want you to decide the integration in the south and realize it Male 30 fee
Number of children of the district Wada as desired, increasing thus the population, increasing number of students Wada Junior High School, but is desirable to be able to survive the junior high school, from the number of children of the current situation (including the admission number to the southern junior high school) is the number of children because too little, I think that is not the way to integration. I think there are more of the multiplayer of benefits than the benefits of the small number of people, there is also good at the small school, kind of face I want to leave be integrated. Since the school from the Wada there is a distance, I want you to consider well the school method. School tied to the bus such as time, the selection of extracurricular activities may become less is not for children. Troubled the burden on the parent (especially school) is increased by integrating Male 30 fee
I think that this problem is painful not only for parents but also for the hearts of children. I think that parents who let go inside the southerly area will not be ruined since we have made a precedent. I think that there is only integration to solve this problem. Think of your child's priority Male 30 fee
Protection who commute to Wada elementary school I think that everyone wants to integrate quickly. Every year, integration issues (even knew Do not go in the south, there are people who will always be performed) at, or shaking children's feelings, worried, it has a painful thought. Currently, with an emphasis on opinion of the parent, which is a student, I want to integrate as soon as possible. "Three years is necessary since the inconclusive" is not the case you are talking leisurely and the like Male 30 fee
The integration is a favor, but you often hear the story that it is above the overall Wada academic ability than is Yoda recess southern junior high school toward the junior high school. People who want to go into the south at present, most people that because I want to do extracurricular activities. Junior high school life of the club center is also the good, as long as the study becomes impossible, I think that people who say that it is good that do not want to integrate come out. If you consolidate, raise more the academic achievement of Yoda recess southern junior high school, I want to up to much say that it is above the club, academic achievement both Wada Junior High School Male 30 fee
To lived Wada I think that there is no choice but to integrate at the time you've found even one person the students attend in the south. If to survive the Wadachu, to attend to in Southern If you are living in Wada I think that should not be recognized Male 30 fee
I would like to strongly hope that the decision of early integration even one day. Once you have decided, please proceed smoothly without the time to implementation. In fact now, I think I want to emphasis the parent of opinion with the following children and junior high school students Male 30 fee
Exchange activities of Wada small and Nagato small I think that there is a need to continue to actively. Because the junior high school out of town, would like to ask the firm discussions with Ueda Male 30 fee
Also for children I hope that you are able to integrate even a day early. In addition, at the time of integration, enhancement and the school bus, such as small class, I request that you be as small as possible the burden for children Male 30 fee
Enrollment of children of junior high school of the above have been imminent. Early on I want to conclude. When if become integrated, the school year is like you in the form of integration from among all 1 grade. Also we would like to care for the bus at the time of school Male 30 fee
In the case of Wada, from nursery school to junior high school, I think much or have forgotten how to make new friends with the same members, and so I think a hard time from out in society, it is better to spend in early in a different environment Male 30 fee
I am a mother with elementary school children in the district Nagato, but currently commute to the town of sports classes in conjunction with the Wada district of children. Because this sport is not to Wadachu, every year, we look at the children to go to Wadachu distressed suffering every year. We have seen children that must give up just because the difference between district who lives just a like a start sports any person. It is very sad. Same Nagawa townspeople, because the same are children of the, I think I want to big time to do their favorite sport. I hope that as soon as possible integration. Also, as the parent of Nagato district, when the integration, the children of Wadachu is I think you will be into the southern part (medium 2, 3) incorporation? At that time, also will be concerned about what comes to the class sorting Female 30 fee
Because of the children, most of the townspeople to those who are allowed to postpone the integration brandishing a selfish reason and because of the children have been sick. And anything in referendum, is I think for the children to be as soon as possible integration Female 30 fee
This problem had been a problem since we were junior high school students. That story does not proceed at all, and has just reached the present without merging with just the opinions of adults. I still can go to the South, but "How is the resident card?" "You must not transfer it" or more ... Please take care more carefully about the opinions of parents of Wada you are now Female 30 fee
I will be allowed to participate in the meeting on the integration that took place the other day, favor, I've heard the opposite both of the opinion of. As candid impressions, we sympathize with the opinion of the people agree to integration. Aging of the school, reduction of the number of students, considering the financial, integration I think that makes sense. You can see also opinion, such as the opposition of the people "lonely and school is no longer," "was at odds with their own children in the integration problem at the time," but, you feel like the individual ego. Thanks to the school building in a more positive thinking, that will tell you that I learned in Wada junior high school until now, if you were at odds in the parent to each other and children to each other, such as it is possible to have the opportunity to repair the relationship in an integrated destination, good surface should also come into view. I think personally may be integrated from April 27 years Female 30 fee
Daughter from the next fiscal year in April will be the junior high school, but I want you to immediately move If you get to the conclusion. The story Wakaba and Daimon nursery school come together, but I feel was early, but I have heard that junior high school is take three to four years, I think that slow Female 30 fee
Yet Nagawa townspeople at this stage, have got fewer students returnable Wada Junior High School to the south junior high school, but I think that there is an advantage of a small number of people, adults number for life seems to junior high school students was I think good. The more number of people, but I think that coming out of a lot of various problems, I think that it also necessary as one of the social study. I think that to go to school by bus, but since there is also that now the students of manners in bus-car was also heard that Too bad, or get out of the school bus, you want to give me a thorough manners guidance Female 30 fee
If you go all directly to Wadachu from Wada small, you need not think of integration. To flow from Wada district towards the part into the southern I think that's the problem. Rather than the solution of integration, I think first we should solve it. While there are also exchanges in small-, the feeling that you want to leave and think tradition of junior high school, the history is strong Female 30 fee
School building I want to leave. I want you to make effective use of Female 30 fee
It is very uneasy that Wada will further decrease the population due to the lack of school events and school events in the area, but now the number of undergraduate students is decreasing, while the club activities and It is a fact that there are families wanting to go outside the school district due to problems such as bullying, and I think that we have to integrate as much as we are discussing about that. However, the southern junior high school itself also heard about middle school belonging to Ueda city. If there is a consolidation problem in the south after integrating around that, I would like you to carefully proceed with arranging well in order rather than hastening the conclusion of Wadanaka integration. Would not it be better to clear the integration problems by 1 one at a time than whether it is necessary to hasten integration? In either case, it will become tougher if it is not integrated, I think that it is easy for the residents to understand who talked about what will happen in the future, not for the purpose of making a conclusion. In truly, I would like to make a better city Female 30 fee

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