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Questionnaire report on NAGAWA junior high school integration problem

Published 2015 years 03 month 02 Date

Last updated 2016 years 03 month 18 Date

◆ Purpose of survey

NAGAWA Board of Education fiscal 25 year, to consider the course of numerous discussions and consider the junior high school integration issues, laid out the direction of "Wada Junior High School integration is desirable."
The reason for this, the following three points were cited

  1. Due to a decrease of the regional population, it is concerned more and more decrease in the number of students in the future.
  2. In junior high school age, collective action we think that the academic improvement equally important, when considering such as the spread of the range of the number of people and friends in the organization activities, there are things that do not compensate for small schools.
  3. As much as possible, to expand the choices should learn in junior high school age, it is desirable to nurture a child responsible for the future.

In NAGAWA, for this direction that the Board of Education has laid out, we conducted a townsman questionnaire survey to confirm the intention of the residents.

The design of the study

▽ surveyed

  • Guardian 200 who have the following children elementary school students who live in Nagawa town
  • Nagatomachi people over 20 years old and above 400 people

▽ extraction method

  • Parents randomly extracted from the basic resident register in accordance with the voter population ratio of the town four districts (Furumachi-Nagakubo-Daimon Wada)
  • Town residents 20 and older are randomly extracted from the electoral register as well as parents

▽ survey methods

  • Mailing

▽ investigation period

  • Heisei 26 year 10 month 15 day-11 month 11 day

Recovery results

▽ effective recovery number

  • 471 people (recovery rate 78.5% = man 271 women 200 people, guardian 161 people = 80.5%, general townsmen 309 people = 77.3%, unknown one)

▽ research subject

  • Chiisagata district NAGAWA

▽ survey commissioned

  • Nagano Institute Prefecture poll Association

Percent the number of reports is rounded to the first decimal place. There is a case in which the sum is not to 100.
Headings · In sentences roughly rounded to the first decimal place in principle, necessary calculation cases such as the whole calculation are expressed down to the first decimal place.

Breakdown of the sample

【Gender and age】




[Presence or absence of the following child elementary school]




【Residence years】


Survey overview

Do you know the NAGAWA education Charter?

◆ "know" one in three
NAGAWA Board of Education March 21 (2009) "know" was the "education outline" formulated in the year 34%, "do not know" 66% and well-known degree of stay in one in three people. Question since we've asked to refer to in the content "home and nursery schools, schools and regions nurture a rich humanity together education, NAGAWA education Charter aimed at the realization of education to be proud of the home", its impact It is also conceivable.
"I know" of more than 70 years of age, the higher the elderly is 47%, in the profession civil service and agriculture and forestry is more than half. In areas with the highest 41% of Wada.
And parents who are the following children elementary school, there is not much open in the home that does not have.


Do you know the policy "Integrate Wada Junior High School into Tabubo South Junior High School" issued by Changwa-cho Board of Education?

◆ "I know" is 76%
Last year (Heisei 25) 76% “know” that the Nagawa Town Board of Education issued a policy that “It is better to integrate Wada Junior High School into Yoda Kubo Southern Junior High School”. For women, 80% is 8 points higher than for men.
Also protection who are the following children elementary school students who answered "know" in the 79%, higher than the home that does not have 5 points.


To be integrated into the TAKUBO southern junior high school Yi Wada Junior High School, What do you think?

◆ Agree in total 81%
To be integrated into the TAKUBO southern junior high school Yi Wada Junior High School, I heard what he thought. "Favor" 62.4%, 18.5% together with 80.9% "favor if anything" showed the intention of favor.
Agree 30 bill at more than 70% with all ages, 40 fee, more than 70-year-old is more than 80%. Families with the following children's elementary school students also reach to 86.6%. 89.7% of Nagakubo in the region is the highest, Furumachi and Daimon also but more than 80%. Wada "favor" 42.7%, lower than 24.5% and the three regions together 67.2% "favor, if anything." Parents who just there are lived by the following children elementary school in Wada 78.8% felt they favor.
Contrary to all ages, occupations, but below 2 percent in the region.



Reason for approving integration

◆ "extracurricular activities of selection is spread enhance", "spread a friend relationship" more than 80%
To 381 who answered in favor of integration into Yoda recess southern junior high school of Wada Junior High School, I heard the reason (select all).
Top 85% of the "choice of extracurricular activities is spread to enhance", then 83% of the "friends relationship is spread", "social resistance and sociability spread" 66%, "competitive spirit can be improved" high in 56% 4 item exceeds 50%. "Extracurricular activities" and "friend relationship" is a 80% more than in most of the layers, it is the core of the integration favor reason.
"Social resistance and sociability" is, 70% of families with the following children elementary school is like.
"Competitive spirit to improve" more than 70-year-old is in 79%, remarkably high compared to other age. The 5, 6 th and "Nagawa townspeople to integrate more," "financial burden reduction is desirable" is lined up with 49% stand.


Reason for the opposition to integration

◆ "Difficult teaching according to each individual" "Great burden on commuting"
The reason that I heard in 37 who answered the opposite to integration (select all), "it is difficult to become leaders in accordance with the individual," "burden on the school is large" and the sequence in 65%, the effect of the "region is large ( schools such as the event is no longer) "54%," the alma mater no longer lonely "49% to continue.
Just reference value since both the small number of samples.


Integration issues, the conclusion time

◆ "within the year" is 60%
For Wada Junior High School integration issues, it received that education length is announced, "I want to reach a conclusion within this year", was asked when the conclusion is desirable.
"In the (until March, 27 years) this fiscal year" is the overwhelming majority of 60%, "it is not necessary to separate the time" and "within two to three years" was 13% stand. "In this fiscal year," the conclusion is 66% of families with the following children elementary school wants.
Wada "55%" conclusion "within this year" is a little lower than the other three areas. However, if it is limited to parents who have children under elementary school age, it is 70%, and parents of other three regions strongly desire "within this year".



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