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Elderly Support Section Bookmark
[Updated July 1] Nagawa Town Medical and Nursing Care Collaboration Project List of medical and nursing care resources in the Nagawa area
About simultaneous renewal of medical insured person's certificate for the late-stage elderly in Reiwa XNUMX
The ratio of burden on the counter for medical care for the elderly will be reviewed.
We devised Nagawa-machi community-based welfare plan
Nagawa Town Dementia Care Pass-To live in a familiar area with peace of mind-
Driver's license voluntary return promotion business
Health-care prevention
About dementia support
Vaccination of the elderly
For long-term care insurance services
Nursing home for the elderly
Business, which was intended for anyone living alone and the elderly households
Home support and Regional Comprehensive Support Center
Welfare of the elderly
Old-old medical insurance
Various consultation
Mayor mayor banner

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