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【Empty House Information _No.28】 Furuto 【Rental】 3 Ten thousand yen Garage Yes
Nagawa Town Public Housing Tenant Anytime Wanted! !
Tateiwa Ochiai housing estate application is in process! ! !
【Empty house information _No.27】 ※ ※ ※ price cut ※** Nagakubo 500 Million yen sewer There are 3 garages available
【Hakuna Information _No.24】 Daimon 120 Million Yen Sewer No Parking Available
【Hakuna Information _No.25】 Nagakubo 80 Million Yen Sewer No Parking Available
【Empty House Information _No.26】 Wada 150 Million Yen Sewer No Parking Available
【Empty House Information _No.22】 ※ ※ ※ Negotiating ※ ※ ※
【Hakuna Information _No.20】 350 Ten thousand yen 7 room! 3 car parking lot Sewage and sewage facilities and garden attachment
【Empty House Information _No.19】 Wada 900 Million Yen Sewer Available Parking Lot
Nagawa Town Public Housing Tenant Anytime Wanted! !
Guidance of NAGAWA hometown tax payment
【Empty House Information _No.18】 Wada 90 Million Yen Sewer without Garage / Storage
Residential land in subdivision
【Hakuna Information _No.14】 Wada 330 Million Yen Sewer No 4 parking spaces
【Empty House Information _No.13】 Daimon 2 million yen No sewer No home garden available 【sold out】
[Vacant house information _No.17] Wada rent: 3 yen water and sewerage enough parking space 2 board minutes
[Vacant house information _No.11] contracted
【Empty House Information _No.10】 Nagakubo 400 It is a convenient location for 10,000 yen living.
[Vacant house information _No.9] contracted
[Vacant house information _No.5] Daimon 150 yen sewer without a one-story
【Empty House Information_No.6】 【Trading】 320 Ten thousand Yen Estimated Built 96 Year! It is a must-see if you are interested in an old private house
【Hakuna Information _No.7】 Wada 225 Ten thousand yen water supply and sewerage completion direct sale place, To the hot spring by car 2 minutes
For unoccupied house information registration system (vacant house bank)
Nagawa-municipal-public housing tenants at any time recruiting! !
【Empty House Information _No.4】 ※ ※ ※ Negotiating ※ ※ ※
【Empty House Information _No.3】 Daimon 1,150 Ten thousand yen water and sewerage complete wood stove home garden available
【Empty House Information_No.1】 Furutacho Price Negotiable
NAGAWA housing information
For application of water supply equipment construction
Municipal, public housing tenants application form
Settled promotion
Houses built for sale
Report on the resident registration
Out how to like the garbage
Water supply and sewerage
Mayor mayor banner

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