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Opinions and requests

Public comment (open call for participants)

When the town formulates ordinances and plans, it publishes its contents widely, seeks opinions, makes decisions in consideration of the opinions received, and announces the town's approach to opinions.

Items being implemented

Closed matter

  • About soliciting opinions about Nagawa-cho public facility individual facility plan
  • About public comment for Nagawa-cho community-based welfare plan (plan)
  • About public comment of the second child, child care support project plan
  • About Nagawa-cho suicide measures plan (draft)
  • We raise opinions for "the Nagatocho town, person, work wound straight broad strategic view" (draft) for the 2 term
  • We raise opinions for Nagawa-cho town, person, work wound straight business
  • About opinion offer for Nagawa-cho person with a disability welfare basic plan, Nagawa-cho person with a disability welfare plan (the fifth) and Nagawa-cho person with a disability welfare program (the first) (draft)
  • About public comment on Ueda regional wide area union fifth wide area plan (draft)
  • We carry out public comment to affect "general management plan such as Nagawa-cho public facilities" (plan)
I sometimes like to propose to the town, where do I say?

Your opinion on the town administration, such as the request has been accepted by the General Affairs Division Affairs Section.

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