For welfare and insurance relationship

About the help mark


(1) Purpose

Those who use prosthetic limbs or artificial joints, people with internal disability or intractable diseases, or those who are early pregnant,

Even if you do not understand from the appearance, people who need assistance or consideration inform them that they need consideration to the surrounding people,

It is a mark created to make it easier to obtain assistance.

By having a help mark, "Effect to inform you that you need assistance or consideration"

The one who saw it has "the effect of being aware of aid and consideration".

Tokyo Metropolitan Government created and distributed in Heisei 24 Year 10 month, then expanded nationwide.

(2) form

Mark body, hanging band, sticker for back side sticker, 4 points of instructions are packed as 1 set.

(3) Target person

Those who use prosthetic limbs or artificial joints, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities,

Those with internal disability, those with intractable illness, those in the early pregnancy, etc., even if they do not know from the appearance

Those living in Nagato-cho who need assistance and consideration

(4) How to use

I use it by attaching it to a bag etc using a strap. Attach the attached seal to the back side as necessary,

Write down the information you want to convey to the surroundings and the contents of support you need.

(5) Consideration example

· Use of priority seats in public transportation, such as trains and buses

· Consideration such as being asked to speak at a station, a commercial facility, etc.

· Consideration to safely evacuate in the event of a disaster

Ways to get started

(1) Distribution location

· Nagato Town Office Town Office Welfare Section TEL: 0268-75-2046 (Section Direct)

(2) Points to be noted

· The number of help marks distributed per applicant is one.

· The applicant is limited to the principal or his / her family.

· If you wish to mail, specify the following, please write a return envelope stamped with 120 yen stamp

We only accept it when we provide it to the responsible section.

(1) Address, name, age, sex

(2) What kinds of obstacles are involved and requires a help mark

(3) Presence or absence of a handicapped person

* For the above (2) (3), you do not have to do if you do not want to fill in.

                                                                           Help mark

It is a mark that needs help.

please remember.

What should I do if the payment amount in medical institution window may be expensive?

If the advance in the application presented to "limit applicable Certificate", payments you need to self-pay ceiling.
The maximum amount is different by age and income, but if it is going to be expensive, please contact us in advance.

○ those who are subscribed to the medical system for elder senior citizens
Once the application, if the expiration date has become relevant even after it will be automatically updated.
○ side up, in the national health insurance has been subscribed
Once past the expiration date is the need to apply again. In addition, also we have people that live in the payment of self-pay ceiling even if there is no "limit applicable Certificate" by the age and income segments.

Do I need a notification if the insurance card has changed?

When you subscribe to the health insurance of the workplace and, when stopped, the documents and the pension book to prove the unusual date, such as insurance card within two weeks, please notify top of bringing the seal.
In addition, when you establish a separate address for scholastic, please refer to the procedure along with a school certificate.
It should be noted, then the appropriate person to be, you will also need the report to the welfare engagement.

◯ If you have the welfare and healthcare claimant certification
◯ those who are receiving the child allowance
※ or supposed to pay to double the insurance tax If you forget to report, so there is also the case that it can not receive medical care have to pay the full amount at medical institutions, thank you as soon as possible proceedings.

Or those who are the subject of the late elderly health care system is what kind of person?

There is a certain degree of disability in 75 age people over 65 years of age (the subject from the date of birth on the day) from 74-year-old, I would like to join.
It corresponds to the following, who will be need to apply you would like to join.

○ with people with a certain degree of disability is
- If you are receiving a disability pension 1 and 2 class, such as the national pension
- The direction of 1 and 2 grade of mental disability certificate
Towards the people and part of the quaternary-from 1 of physical disability certificate of tertiary
· Rehabilitation towards the notebook A (severe)

What kind of system is the welfare medical expenses benefit business?

The person corresponding to the following requirements, is a system that benefits to at a later date the medical expenses paid by the hospital or pharmacy, has been designated account.
Person of interest, calculated by subtracting the 300 circle from medical expenses paid at the counter for each medical institution will be paid. In addition, please note that it takes three to four months from visits month before transfer.

◯ those who are the subject of welfare and healthcare
- From birth to 3 year of high school
- Physical disability certificate primary to tertiary holders
· Nursing notebook holders
And mental health welfare notebook owner
- Psychiatric rehabilitation (spirit outpatient medical expenses) benefits applicable person
- Mother and child, motherless family (of a student in high school in less than 18 years old or less than 18 years of age or older. 20 age children, etc., and those who are dependents of the child)
- The old man (person resident tax is tax-free households in more and less than 65 years old 70 years)
※ Depending also income such as the above-mentioned person may not be excluded.

What kind of system is the independence support medical expenses (mental hospital)?

When you visit in the spirit of the disease, it is intended to bear at public expense a portion of the amount paid at the counter.
Since the person who will be the subject in hospital continues to psychiatry for more than six months, please refer to the application provides the following documents are those who wish to assist.

○ medical certificate (for psychiatric outpatient medical care)
· Please ask them to fill in the hospital to have a medical institution.
○ independence support medical expenses (mental hospital) grant approval application form
- Town hall you will find the paper
○ Agreement on browsing and the provision of tax information
A copy of the insurance card ○
※ is a system to pay at public expense a part of the medical expenses when you visit in the spirit of the disease.

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