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For road-related

If you have found, such as depression and sediment collapse of the road?

Please contact the construction water service section.

When you want to check the boundary between the road and your site is, what should I do?

If the town road, construction Water Division to attend the boundary, to confirm.
In that case, since there is also a case where I am witnessed also in the vicinity of the land owner, please contact us in advance.

You can work on the road, do I do to get such as billboards and stalls?

You can work on the road, to install the sign, etc. (for the road occupied), you will need to apply to the administrator of the road. (Temporary use application or application for the road occupied the road)
The roads occupied there is a limit, there is a case where private use charges will occur.
Moreover, since there is a case report also to the police station is required, please contact details, construction water service section.

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