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For raw sewage, septic tank

If you do not receive a "legal examination" of the septic tank, What are the penalties?

2006 amendment septic tank Act in February is enforcement, for septic tank management (installation) who do not subject to inspections statutory inspection of the septic tank, the prefecture (major cities, the authority transfer cities and towns), the guidance and advice to undergo inspection it can, when there is a need on the conservation and public health of the living environment, within a reasonable time limit set, you can recommendation to receive the inspection. In response septic tank administrator is a recommendation, when you did not take the measures pertaining to the recommendation without justifiable reason, you are sentenced to a civil fine (yen 30) specifying a reasonable deadline.

What is a "legal examination" of the septic tank?

Maintenance of the septic tank is carried out properly, to see if a feature of the septic tank is secured properly in the visual inspection and water quality inspection and document inspection is "legal examination", is what has been required by septic tank method. And water quality inspection, such as after the installation be made within months of use after the start of three months to 8 (Article 7), then, periodic inspection (Article 11) on a regular basis once a year you will there. Because it is important inspection to protect the water environment, please refer to the examinees sure.

What is the "cleaning" of the septic tank?

The septic tank, it has accumulated solids or sludge that does not dissolve in water little by little. If you leave this as it is, it becomes the cause of the odor and water quality deterioration. The "cleaning", withdrawal of the sludge, says to do the cleaning of the apparatus. Once it requires a minimum of implementation in the year.

What is the "maintenance" of the septic tank?

The "maintenance", in order to maintain the function of the septic tank, says that to implement one or more times a supplement such as adjustments and disinfectant equipment to four months. (However, the number of times by the processing method and the processing target personnel is different.)

Temporary toilets of 汲 up is, what should you ask to where?

Please ask to allow suppliers of town.
Nagato Kogyo phone 68-2517

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