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The various notification procedures

I want to part of a person's ashes to ashes outside the town, do I need any kind of procedure?

Referred to as "part of a person's ashes," the transfer of a part of the baked bone to another tomb and ossuary. Different from the reburial to transfer all of the baked bone from one tomb to another tomb.
If you are part of a person's ashes are, from the administrator of the cemetery that is the current burial, etc., asked to issue a document certifying the fact of burial, etc., and then submitted to the administrator of the cemetery, etc. of the new burial destination.
When you split a part of the Shohone burial before (such as the time of cremation), so you must be part of a person's ashes certificate, please contact to townsman Welfare Division.
Necessary to the proceedings documents: "part of a person's ashes Certificate Application Form", a copy of which is issued by the townsman Welfare Division "corpse cremation permit" or "crematorium use permit", commission 400 yen / matter.

I would like to know how the description of the filings of the family register.

Please read the "attention of entry" that are listed in the Todokesho. The main caveat is as follows.
1. Please carefully wrote with a pen or black ballpoint pen of black ink.
2. Byline of the report who is, please be sure the person self-signed and seal.
3. There is a witness column report, please self-signed and seal is more of an adult. 

I would like to know how to get family register, abridgment.

Acquisition method is as follows.
1. Filings ... bill
2. Claimant ..... person (direct line of the spouse, parents, child-Magoto) or agent
3. Billing method ... window or mailing
4. Hours ... Monday to Friday morning 8 when 30 worth ~ afternoon 5 when 15 minutes
5. Do ... identification what you need. Please bring a driver's license and the like.
           If you are a proxy, you need a power of attorney.

Although we live in a location that is not in the domicile (there is a resident's card), you can get the family register, abridgment.

You can not take a family register, abridgment in the domicile. Please to claim legal domicile to the municipal office. You can also mail claim.

I would like to know about the procedure in the birth registration.

To obtain a birth certificate from the hospital after the birth, to fill out the left half of Todokesho, please notify within 14 date, including the date of birth. Also, please note that there is a use restriction on the character of the name.

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