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Health and health

update information

Rubella antibody test and vaccination
Do you know Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?
Nagatomachi * Please use National Health Insurance health point!
Notice of the XNUMXst townsman hiking held in Reiwa XNUMXth year
About the use of Nagano pediatric emergency telephone consultation (# 8000)
We devised Nagawa-machi community-based welfare plan
Health-care prevention
Regarding measures against infectious diseases related to the new coronavirus
8th Nagawa Town Elderly Plan (2021-2023)
Wada District Medical Facility Improvement Project
The 10 times townsman athletic meet
Vaccination of the elderly
Vaccination of children
Internal medicine, pediatrics initial emergency center
Child abuse consultation
Health of the heart
Parenting counseling
1 old 6 months · 3-year-old medical examination
2 old · 2 old half dental checkup
Infant health consultation
Infant health checkup
Childcare class (baby food workshops)
Health and Welfare Research Center open date (health consultation)
Newborn visit (all births)
Delivery of pregnant women general health checkup consultation vote
For grant of Maternal and Child Health Handbook
Mayor mayor banner

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