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Medical and welfare

update information

Issuing a "Nawacho Premium Gift Certificate"!
Nagawa-cho Medical and Nursing Care Business List
About dementia support
About the help mark
Nagatacho Town Disabled Basic Plan (No. 2 Next) · Chagowa Town Disabled Welfare Plan (5 Period) · Chagowa Town Disabled Child Welfare Plan (1 Period)
When I consulted with a National Health Insurance Card for traffic accidents etc.
NAGAWA disabilities basic plan, the disabled welfare plan (life first 4)
For Goods and Services Procurement Policy from NAGAWA disabilities working facilities, etc.
Bookmark of welfare
Disability Discrimination eliminate Law went into effect
For long-term care insurance services
Welfare of life
Welfare and healthcare
Nursing home for the elderly
Business, which was intended for those who are receiving long-term care certification
Business, which was intended for anyone living alone and the elderly households
Business intended for the caregivers
Home support and Regional Comprehensive Support Center
Welfare of the elderly
Welfare of people with disabilities
Welfare of the children and mother-to-child
NAGAWA Wada dental clinic
National Health Insurance Yi TAKUBO hospital comes Wada clinic
National Health Insurance Yi TAKUBO hospital
Mayor mayor banner

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