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Education and lifelong learning

update information

Call for facility names for "Hoshidoku Pass Obsidian Mine Exhibition Facility"
NAGAWA library
Recruitment of "Naga-machi youth overseas dispatch interchange business" participants start
No. X NUMX Exhibition Fureaikan Festival
We are looking for ideas for the former Wada Junior High School facilities trace usage plan
On the formulation of Nagato-cho bullying prevention basic policy
Participant 30 name of Heisei 8 Youth Welcome Overseas Dispatch Exchange Project was decided
Mr. Yukie Otake, curator curator of Nagato cho school board of education received the Japan Ikomos Award!
News from the junior high school integration Preparatory Committee
NAGAWA school road traffic safety program
Board of education
Social physical education activities
Works of social education facilities, etc.
Scholarship system
School Aid
Elementary and junior high school
Mayor mayor banner

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