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Child care support

update information

Announcement of XNUMX nursery school admission application
About the furtherance of premature infant care medical expenses
Guidance of childbirth, child care support benefit
Part of the children's allowance system will change
About the use of Nagano pediatric emergency telephone consultation (# 8000)
About the remaining section of Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Complex
Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Complex There is only one block left! !! !!
Child allowance (single parent)
About child allowance
Nagano child care home preferential treatment passport business
About free of charge early childhood education, childcare
Guidance of "sick child childcare center"
To assist in the child-rearing support usage fee!
Child care support facility "cradle" is available!
It will be issued a parenting support benefits!
It is clear overview of the child-rearing measures NAGAWA "If the child-rearing NAGAWA" leaflet
Parenting support garbage bag payment
Nagato Fureai Hall (children's house, settlement house and libraries)
Children's house
NAGAWA children and child care support business plan
Child care support center
Children's facilities, etc.
Welfare of the children and mother-to-child
Mayor mayor banner

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