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Administrative Information

update information

Announcement of the use of forest environment gift tax
About extension of validity period of bid participation qualification (notice)
About the appointment and dismissal status of staff with disabilities
About publication of ex-post evaluation
We recruit staff (part-time staff) for Nagatocho fiscal year
The efforts of the local government service reform
Nagawa Town Disabled People Promotion Plan
About open data in Nagawa-cho
We recruit staff (part-time staff) for Nagatocho fiscal year
About local construction industry management reinforcement financing system
Interim advance payment system
Deputy year 7 month 21 day enforcement House of Councilors general election results
About recruitment of ordinance two years adoption Nagahwa staff
Nagato Town Town tax payment donation utilization project report
Heisei XNUM X year XNUM X month XNUM X day enforcement Nagano prefectural assembly member general election ballot result
About recruitment of Nawa-machi temporary worker (premium gift certificate related office work)
About Road Station Area Activation Promotion Project Your opinion and answer summary
Call for the fiscal year 31 townsmen handmade business
Nagatocho Cable Television Facility "Kuroyanosato Yui Net" Management and Management Council
Nagato-cho temporary staff (nutritionist) recruitment announcement
Extension of recruitment period for agricultural committee members · farmland optimization promotion committee
We are looking for ideas for the former Wada Junior High School facilities trace usage plan
Public comment on the basic ordinance (original bill) of the Changwa Town Council "Recruitment closed"
About recruitment of the Heisei 30 townspeople handmade project (second)
"Nagato Town Public Housing etc. Long-life Plan" was formulated
Nagato Town Town tax payment donation utilization project report
Heisei 30 years 4 month 1 date personnel changes unofficial
Please use the application of Fumi no Mi to acquire information on disaster prevention, snow accumulation and traffic congestion
Cable television rental fee etc. of Changwa-machi will be changed
On the management strategy of Nagato-cho waterworks business
Basic policy on safety management of specific personal information
We are looking for the "Shinshu-NAGAWA community building Cooperation Volunteers" Volunteers
For NAGAWA sewer business management strategy
We formulated the "NAGAWA public facilities such as a comprehensive management plan."
28 year comprehensive strategy related business mid-term evaluation results
Publication of NAGAWA town, people, job creation Comprehensive Strategy (March 28 years 11 month 9 Date revised edition)
The 10 times townsman athletic meet
State of implementation of information disclosure and personal information protection system
About user burden business in the toll road
Mayor mayor banner

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