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About support from country, prefecture, town

About payment of injury and sickness allowance
National Health Insurance tax, long-term care insurance and late-age insurance reduction system for new coronavirus infectious diseases
About the postponement system for those who have difficulty in paying taxes due to the influence of new coronavirus infection
Information for temporary child care support for Nagawa Town
About extraordinary special benefits to child-raising households
About special fixed benefit
About Nagawa-cho business continuation benefit
About support of small and medium-sized business affected by new coronavirus infectious disease
About recruitment guideline of cooperation, support money for prevention of new coronavirus spread from prefecture, municipalities cooperation
Notice regarding special fixed benefit
Telephone consultation service for requests for suspension of facility use (closed) (Nagano Prefecture Crisis Management Department / Industrial Labor Department)
About establishment of life support temporary benefit call center
There is a grace system for those who have difficulty paying taxes and fees
Mayor mayor banner

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