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New Coronavirus Infections Related Information

update information

New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Related Information
The deadline for applying for Nagawa-cho business continuation benefits, etc. (XNUMXnd) is approaching!
Arrangements for revitalizing socio-economic activities in the situation of With Corona
Infection alert level has been reduced to level XNUMX throughout Nagano prefecture
Notice of partial resumption of experiential learning at the Kuroyaishi Experience Museum and the Primitive / Ancient Romance Experience Center
Infection alert level in the Ueda area has been reduced from level XNUMX to level XNUMX.
Reiwa XNUMXnd year town residents hiking cancellation notice
Information on cancellation and postponement of events, etc.
[August 28, XNUMXnd year of Reiwa] Message from Mayor Nagawa
An infected person has been confirmed in Nagawa Town. (215th prefecture)
Discrimination, prejudice and slander against people infected with the new coronavirus are violations of human rights.
About Nagawa-machi business continuation benefits (the second)
[August 27, XNUMXnd year of Reiwa] Message from Mayor Nagawa
Information on consultation desk for foreigners
Information on temporary special benefits for single-parent households
About the implementation of Nagawa Town's safe and secure transportation measures emergency support project
When "going to or from another prefecture", please take careful action such as thorough infection prevention measures.
To all the owners who have a villa in Nagato-cho
Please use "Everybody's support! Nagawa no Sato area Ikiiki ticket"
[August XNUMX, XNUMXnd Reiwa] Message from Mayor Nagawa
[August XNUMX, XNUMXnd Reiwa] Message from Mayor Nagawa
[July 31, XNUMXnd Reiwa] Message from Mayor Nagawa
A "new coronavirus warning" has been issued throughout Nagano Prefecture.
About the new coronavirus crisis breakthrough support fund (for health and beauty services, etc.)
News of child care support center Saturday opening
Nagano Prefecture's response since June XNUMX regarding the new coronavirus
About Nagawacho Business Continuing Benefits [Friday, July 31 is the deadline. ]
Points of evacuation shelter in consideration of new coronavirus infectious disease measures
About evacuation at the time of disaster based on new coronavirus infection
About payment grace of electricity, gas charges
About extraordinary special benefits to child-raising households
National Health Insurance tax, long-term care insurance and late-age insurance reduction system for new coronavirus infectious diseases
About payment of injury and sickness allowance
Point of heat stroke prevention action in "new lifestyle"
About use restrictions such as public facilities in the town block
About the postponement system for those who have difficulty in paying taxes due to the influence of new coronavirus infection
Notice of opening of cultural property related facilities
Information for temporary child care support for Nagawa Town
About special fixed benefit
[May 15, XNUMXnd Reiwa] Message from Mayor Nagawa
About decentralized school attendance at elementary and junior high schools
Notice of "Nagawa child support flight"
About infection prevention measures such as patrol buses in the town
About support of small and medium-sized business affected by new coronavirus infectious disease
About outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease person infected in Ueda-shi
Nagano Prefecture Emergency Situation Declaration
Nursery school / elementary and junior high school related information
About recruitment guideline of cooperation, support money for prevention of new coronavirus spread from prefecture, municipalities cooperation
Q & A about new coronavirus
About publication of information pertaining to persons infected with new coronavirus infection
Measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases
To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases
Notice regarding special fixed benefit
Telephone consultation service for requests for suspension of facility use (closed) (Nagano Prefecture Crisis Management Department / Industrial Labor Department)
About postponement of April health business
From Ueda Public Health Center to everyone in the Ueda area
About establishment of life support temporary benefit call center
Message from Mayor Nagawa
Please be careful about malicious business methods that pretend to be a new coronavirus
There is a grace system for those who have difficulty paying taxes and fees
About self-restraint requests for events, events, meetings, etc.
About suspension of some routes such as JR route buses due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection
About event cancellation in April and use of child care support center
New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters Meeting