Patrol bus timetable (H31.4.4 Amendment)

Published 2019 years 03 month 13 Date

Tour busTour buses, large buses, and service medium-sized bus, in the station wagon. Please use with caution because there is a case where the vehicle is changed by time.
Town of usage fee is 1 times 100 yen to the destination. If you use up outside the town, please pay according to the price list.
A high school student town use fee in the direction of the following is free, people over 75-year-old, who 3 grade holder from the body disability primary, towards the mental disability certificate holder,
Person of nursing notebook holder is available in 50 circle.
Make a free getting on and off only in the town road in the NAGAWA. (※ national highway, you can not free boarding at the prefectural road)
Wada clinics, medical care date, month, fire and Friday practice time, and the like is Yoda recess hospital (Tel: 68-2036) Please contact us to.

Timetable XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Date Revised [PDF: X NUM X KB]

Diamond of JR route bus is revised from April 4, 2019.

There will be no service between Maruko Chuo Hospital and Ueda Station for the 3 flights in the daytime zone (9:00 to 14).

We apologize for the inconvenience, but during the daytime, please change to the connected 1000-day bus.

The morning and evening flights will continue to Ueda Station as before.


平 成 Heisei 31April 4 after diamond revision

Connection (Thousand Bus)

Nagakubo (9: 00)-Ueda Station (9: 58)line

Nagakubo (9: 00) ~Maruko Central Hospital9: 30)line

Maruko Central Hospital (9: 39)-Ueda Station (10: 11)

From Ueda Station (9: 00~ Nagakubo (9: 58) line

From Maruko Central Hospital (9: 25~ Nagakubo (9: 58)line

Ueda Station (8: 42)-Maruko Central Hospital (9: 15)

From Ueda Station (12: 35~ Nagakubo (13: 33) line

From Maruko Central Hospital (13: 00~ Nagakubo (13: 33)line

Ueda Station (12: 12)-Maruko Central Hospital (12: 45)

Please note that the bus may be canceled on school holidays.

Current school scheduled date

(Summer vacation period) 7 month 26 day ~ 8 month 20 day

(Winter holiday) 12 month 28 day-Heisei 31 year 1 month 6 day

(Spring vacation period) 31 month 3 day of Heisei 18-31 month 4 day of Heisei 3 (planned)

* School holidays may change. For details, please contact JR Earth Kanto Co., Ltd. Komori Branch Nagakubo Sales Office.

Phone: 0268-68-2106

Ueda → Himeki center Himeki center → Ueda Women's warehouse → Ueda Ueda → male and female warehouse Megahara Takahara Village Villa → Ueda Ueda → Minehara highland villa villa Scholar Village

Ueda → Himeki


Men and women's store-Ueda area

Ueda → Men and Women

Migahara highland village → Ueda

Ueda → Migahara Kogengo

Scholar Village


Affairs Division Affairs engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2040

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