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Municipal bus

Tour bus timetable (revised R2.4.6)

Tour bus

  • Please change to the Chikuma Bus that connects between Maruko Central Hospital and Ueda Station for the three flights in the daytime zone (XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX).
  • Morning and evening flights will continue to Ueda Station as before.
  • This timetable shows the times of the main stops. For details, please check at each bus stop.
  • School buses are excluded from the tour bus timetable.
  • Tour buses, large buses, and service medium-sized bus, in the station wagon. Please use with caution because there is a case where the vehicle is changed by time.
  • Town of usage fee is 1 times 100 yen to the destination. If you use up outside the town, please pay according to the price list.
  • High school students and younger are free of charge in the town, 75 years old or older, persons with physical disability certificate 3st to 50rd grade, mentally handicapped health and welfare certificate holders, nursing certificate holders and driving Those who have returned their license can use it for XNUMX yen.
  • Free boarding / alighting (you can board / alight at any place other than the bus stop) only on the streets in Nagato-cho. (* Free boarding / alighting on national and prefectural roads is not possible)
  • Please contact the Wada Clinic (telephone 88-2020) or the National Health Insurance Center Yodabobo Hospital (telephone 68-2036) for the medical hours on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
    Please contact Wada Dental Clinic (Tel. 88-2217) for consultation hours on Tuesdays to Saturdays on Wada Dental Clinic.
  • Please contact the JR Bus Kanto Nagakubo Sales Office (telephone 68-2106) for the exact time and service status.

 Nagakubo Office Timetable (Revised April 226, XNUMXnd Reiwa) [PDF: XNUMXKB]

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