Municipal bus

Patrol bus timetable (H29.4.1 Amendment)

巡回バスThis timetable is, you are shown the time of the main stop. For more information, please check in, such as each bus stop. (Heisei 28 years 2 month 15 Date Amendment)

Heisei 28 years 8 month 1 days from the bus of the time zone of the afternoon was to enter into a (part) Wada clinic. Please refer to the timetable for details.


平成29年4月1日改正 巡回バス時刻表[PDF:995KB]


Tour buses, large buses, and service medium-sized bus, in the station wagon. Please use with caution because there is a case where the vehicle is changed by time.
Town of usage fee is 1 times 100 yen to the destination. If you use up outside the town, please pay according to the price list.
A high school student town use fee in the direction of the following is free, people over 75-year-old, who 3 grade holder from the body disability primary, towards the mental disability certificate holder,
Person of nursing notebook holder is available in 50 circle.
Make a free getting on and off only in the town road in the NAGAWA. (※ national highway, you can not free boarding at the prefectural road)
Wada clinics, medical care date, month, fire and Friday practice time, and the like is Yoda recess hospital (Tel: 68-2036) Please contact us to.

Himeki center ⇒ Ueda directionUeda ⇒ Himeki central districtMen and women hold ⇒ Ueda directionUeda ⇒ male and female warehouse districtUtsukushigahara Highland Township ⇒ Ueda directionUeda ⇒ Utsukushigahara Highland Township districtScholar Village district

Himeki center ⇒ Ueda direction


Ueda ⇒ Himeki central district


Men and women hold ⇒ Ueda direction


Ueda ⇒ male and female warehouse district


Utsukushigahara Highland Township ⇒ Ueda direction


Ueda ⇒ Utsukushigahara Highland Township district


Scholar Village district


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