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Use of Nagawa-cho character costumes, etc.

Published 2022 years 02 month 10 Date

The costumes of the Nagawa-cho image character "Nacchan" can be rented free of charge if used according to the guidelines.

Before using it, it is necessary to submit the "Application for Use of Nagawa-cho Character" Nacchan "Kigurumi, etc." and obtain approval in advance.


□ Flow of procedure for using costumes, etc.


One Guidelines for using Nacchan costumes, etc. [DOCX: 41KB]Please read carefully.

XNUMX Please fill in the usage application form, such as the purpose of use and the period of borrowing, and submit it.

 [Application documents]

  Application form, materials for events, pamphlets, etc.

XNUMX The submitted application will be examined based on the outline, and if there is no problem with the content of use, an approval will be issued.

XNUMX As a general rule, the delivery place for costumes, etc. will be the Nagawa Town Hall.Please come to the Planning and Finance Division of the government office on the delivery date and time stated in the approval form.

  In addition, please come by a car with a large trunk, such as a one-box car, for transporting costumes.

  For those who use it for the first time, the staff in charge will explain the precautions etc. when handing over the costume etc.

XNUMX After use, please return the costume etc. by the date and time stated on the approval form.Be sure to comply with the return deadline as it may be affected by other people.



□ Outline / Application


Guidelines for using Nacchan costumes, etc. [DOCX: 41KB]

Nagawa-cho character "Natchan" costume use application [DOCX: 13KB]

[Entry example] Application for use of Nagawa character "Natchan" costume, etc. [DOCX: 22KB]



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