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To care insurance company

Published 2020 years 08 month 27 Date

About designation of company

When conducting community-based care services for Nagato townspeople, general care prevention / daily life support projects, and home care support projects, you must receive a designation from Nagawa Town.
When we receive designation newly and update, we fill in the following application documents, and please submit to person in charge of townsman welfare section insurance with attached documents.

Community-based service establishment, home care support establishment

List of designated community-based services _ attached documents [XLSX: 12KB]

Designation application form for designated community-based service establishments [XLSX: 149KB]

Designated renewal application form [XLSX: 19KB]

Progress statement regarding the system for calculating long-term care benefits [XLS: 33KB]

System status table [XLS: 112KB]

Community-based service establishment change notification form [XLSX: 24KB]

Community-based service establishment abolition / suspension notification form [XLSX: 23KB]

Care prevention and daily life support comprehensive business

List of attached documents [XLSX: 9KB]

Care prevention, daily life support synthesis business company designation application [XLSX: 19KB]

Descriptions concerning the designation of establishments (Appendix Table 1,2) [DOC: 76KB]

Notification Form [XLSX: 17KB] about the system pertaining to the prevention of long-term care and daily life support total project cost calculation

System Status List for Comprehensive Business Prevention and Daily Life Support Business Calculation [XLSX: 15KB]

About publication of care prevention, everyday life support synthesis business unit number table master

The number of units table master that is required when a company that conducts comprehensive care prevention and daily life support business makes a claim is posted. Check here for service items and units.
A new unit number table has been created with the revision of the nursing care fee in the month of the first year of the monetary era.

Nursing care prevention / daily life support general business unit vote master [CSV: 95KB]

Please use the following credit card master for billing for 9 months.

Nursing Care Prevention / Daily Life Support General Business Unit Number Table Master (Requested for 9 Months of Ordinance) [CSV: 76KB]

About application for payment of home care (care prevention) welfare equipment purchase costs

When applying for the payment of the specified welfare equipment purchase cost, please submit the following application form to the Townsman Welfare Division Insurance Section along with a copy of the receipt.

Home care (support) Welfare equipment purchase cost payment application [DOC: 47KB]

Home care (support) welfare equipment purchase cost receipt commission payment application [XLS: 28KB]

About home care (support) home renovation payment application

If you want to carry out home renovation using long-term care insurance, please apply to the Townsman Welfare Division Insurance Section before implementing the project.

Reasons for home renovation [XLS: 86KB]

Consent Form for Housing Renovation [DOC: 24KB]

Home care (support) home renovation expenses payment application [DOC: 47KB]

Home Care (Support) Housing Renovation Fee Receipt Commission Payment Notification Form [DOC: 24KB]


Townsman Welfare Division insurance engagement
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