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Information disclosure request

Published 2017 years 04 month 06 Date

Are listed below, to the executing agency, disclosure of information held by the executing agency (with regard to those listed in No. 5, limited to publish information relating to the interest included in the per se.) Request can do.

(1) A person who has an address in town

(2) Individual and corporation with an office or place of business in town

(3) Those who work in the office or office resides in the town

(4) Those who enrolled in school existing in the neighborhood

(5) In addition to the matters listed in all items, a person having an interest in the office work business carried out by the implementing agency

Form No. 1 [DOC: 32KB]

Form No. 2 [DOC: 31KB]

Form No. 3 [DOC: 35KB]

Form No. 4 [DOC: 32KB]

Form No. 5 [DOC: 35KB]

Form No. 6 [DOC: 32KB]

Form No. 7 [DOC: 31KB]

Form No. 8 [DOC: 32KB]

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