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Cable TV teletext and wireline audio broadcast request

Published 2016 years 09 month 01 Date

TV and voice announcement broadcast request

■ Application for Broadcasting

When requesting a broadcast, after preparing the manuscript with the following broadcast manuscript, by the deadline dateNagato Town Office Public Relations Divisionu-sen@town.nagawa.nagano.jp Please make an application by e-mail.

■ About character restriction
Audio broadcast (voice announcement broadcasting) · · · 300 character

Teletext (cable TV) · · · 400


* Audio broadcasting time will be only morning broadcasting (6 in the morning) except in case of emergency.

※ Please describe the pseudonym for reading as a unique name including personal name, place name, facility name, technical term etc.


If you request by 3 hours on weekdays afternoon, the next morning broadcasting after 6 time is possible.

After the afternoon 3 time, it will be broadcasting after the next morning 6 time. In case of closing office day, it will be broadcasting from the day following the closing day office.

* Furthermore, we may not be able to respond to your request as stated above depending on the situation on the day, so we ask for your understanding.

About broadcasting fee

Regarding what broadcast contents contribute to public welfare is free.

For other things (for commercial purposes, personal requests, etc.), you will receive a broadcast fee as shown below.


· Notification of enterprise etc. within town 1 day 500 yen

· Outside town company announcement 1 day 1,000 yen

· Advertisements in towns etc. 1 days 1,000 yen

· Advertisements outside the town advertisement 1 days 2,500 yen

【Audio Broadcasting】

· Notification of enterprise etc. within town 1 times 1,000 yen

· Outside town company announcement 1 times 1,500 yen

· Advertisements in towns etc. 1 times 2,000 yen

     · Advertisements in towns etc. 1 times 3,000 yen


For details, please contact the Information Public Relations Division.

Broadcast manuscript (for general use) [DOC: 14KB]


Information Public Relations Division
PHONE: 0268-75-2043
FAX: 0268-68-4139
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