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Newsletter Nagawa January XNUMX issue

Published 2022 years 12 month 27 Date


22.12.December issue cover



 Main contents of public relations Nagara 1 month number 
  ◎ Nagawa Mayor Kenichiro Haneda, Nagawa Town Council Chairman Kimiaki Morita New Year's greetings
  ◎ Special feature: Why don't you participate in the preventive care classroom to achieve healthy longevity?
  ◎ Information related to the new corona vaccine
  ◎Introduction of award-winning works for XNUMX “Junior high school student slogan about tax”
  ◎Community School Town Nagawa Town
  ◎ Greetings from the town 
   ・Town staff recruitment
   ・Ms. Setsuko Kobayashi was reappointed as a member of the board of education.
   · Commercial Children's Committee members have been reelected
   ・Results of the questionnaire survey for purchasers of regional lively tickets with premium
   ・For those who can receive final tax returns
  ◎ life of calendar
  ◎ everyone's Square
  ◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
  ◎ Welcome to the library and petting Museum
  ◎ child care support center News from
  ◎ Regional revitalization cooperation corps activity report (Yoda Hina member)
  ◎ Town development with art-Efforts in collaboration with Joshibi University of Art and Design-
   ・Nagawa Sports Club ・Youth Baseball
   ・We reconcluded water supply assistance agreement
   ・We performed dementia missing person search training
   ・Director Hiromichi Misawa of Yodakubo Hospital received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award
   ・Shinshu-Nagawa Town Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer XNUMXth class members have arrived
  ◎XNUMX Otaya Festival Fireworks will be launched again this year
  ◎ Back side
   ・Notice from the Otaya Festival Executive Committee



Public information Nagawa January, 11 issue [PDF: XNUMXMB]

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