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Public Relations Nagawa Reiwa January XNUMXth Issue

Published 2021 years 12 month 27 Date

Public relations Nagawa 1 month issue coverMain contents of public relations Nagawa No. 1 issue

◎ Nagawa Mayor Kenichiro Haneda, Nagawa Town Council Chairman Kimiaki Morita New Year's greetings
◎ Blanche Takayama Ski Resort Public privatization
"Concrete procedure of the policy presented by the Promotion Corporation / Ski Case Review Committee"
◎ Obsidian Communication No.091 "17th Obsidian Hometown Festival"
◎ Town development with art-Efforts in collaboration with Joshibi University of Art and Design-Vol.20
◎ Shinshu / Nagawa-cho area revitalization cooperation corps activity report (Ueno Ryuka member)
◎ Greetings from the town
・ Mr. Takaaki Takamizawa was reappointed as Deputy Mayor of Nagawa Town.
・ Subsidize kerosene charges
・ 119 Request for promotion of reporting
・ For those who can receive tax returns, etc.
◎ life of calendar
◎ everyone's Square
◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
◎ Welcome to the library and petting Museum
◎ child care support center News from
◎ Nagawa Town, a community school town
◎ of town topic
・ Fire brigade fire assumption training was carried out
・ Mr. Keiichi Yamamoto from Men and Women Kura Ward was awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon.
・ The 17th Townspeople Meeting to Eliminate Discrimination
・ Youth baseball class (Yodakubo JBC) tournament victory report session
・ Programming education using drones
・ Takeishi Junior Soft Tennis Club Championship Report Meeting
・ Introduction of the winning works of "Junior high school slogan about tax" in the 3nd year of Reiwa
・ 6th grade elementary school ・ Senior nursery school graduates ・ Making a graduation certificate
◎ Notice from Otaya Festival Executive Committee
◎ Back side
・ Introduction of Yodakubo Hospital staff
・ Please cooperate with the fund-raising activities of the "Rescue Society for Yu-chan".












Public Relations Nagawa January Issue [PDF: 10MB]



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