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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 30 years 12 month No.

Published 2018 years 12 month 03 Date

Public relations Nagawa 12 month issue (cover)Main contents of public relations Nagara 12 month number

◎ Obsidian communication No. 81

◎ of town topic

· The International Exchange Children's Summit was held

· Mr. Haruko Kanai of the council for dietary habits improvement promotion received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare commendation

· Chubu Electric Power Co. · Yodakubo Welfare Association and Nagato Town signed a disaster-time agreement

◎ All of Women's College of Art visited Changwa Town!

◎ Greetings from the town

· Let's follow the rule of prohibition of donation!

· Regarding holding a briefing session on community development cheer

· Request for snow removal work during the winter season

◎ Chofu-cho Land Development Corporation Kotomichi Tateiwa Ochiai Housing Estate Application in process

◎ life of calendar 12 month

◎ prevention with everyone! influenza

◎ Management of Nagatomachi Human Resources Administration (Overview)

◎ everyone Square

◎ Welcome! To Library and petting Museum

◎ child care support center News from

◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare

◎ Noshiro diary No.79

◎ 14 times Changwa-cho general culture festival

◎ Heisei 30 Year "Target on Junior High School Student's Tax" Winning Work Introduction

◎ For operation of patrol bus of the year-end and New Year period

Public relations Nagawa 12 month issue [PDF: 10MB]


Information Public Relations Division spokesman
Address: 4247-1 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA old-cho
PHONE: 0268-75-2043
FAX: 0268-68-4139

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