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Public information Nagaha Heisei 29 July issue

Published 2017 years 07 month 01 Date

Public information Nagara July issue (cover page)◎ Heisei 29 Year Furusato's forest making gathering of prefectural citizens (68 Nagano Prefecture Tree Festival)
◎ Noshiro diary No.64
◎ child care support center News from
◎ Aiming at town planning spread by gender equality
◎ Greetings from the town
 - NAGAWA will be held the Aged celebration
 ・ We hold forestry machine workshop
◎ For prevention of heat stroke
◎ life of calendar 7 month
◎ ~ We are promoting the "Love Calling Campaign" for young people! !! ~
◎ Municipal Progress Lottery "Summer Jumbo Lottery" 7 Start selling on 18 days!
◎ Himekuhira & Rindo no Tomo Villa Location New Tourism Field Tour
◎ Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
◎ everyone's Square
◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
◎ Thinking about the sky of Nagawa-Part 7-
◎ of town topic
 ・ 29 Nagawa-cho fire brigade pump operation tournament and trumpet brass band tournament were held
 ・ Marumero Station Nagato 20th Anniversary Road Station ・ Marumero City / Nagawa Light Truck City
◎ Insurance card for late-stage elderly medical insurance will be renewed
◎ Night Market of travelers held "Nameless Malmelo"

Public information Nagara July issue [PDF: 9MB]



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