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Public relations Nagawa fiscal 29 years March issue

Published 2017 years 03 month 01 Date

Public relations Osawa March issue cover

◎ of town topic
Ueda regional autonomous settlement bloc next symbiosis vision decision
· 2016 Shinshu Nenrinpikku Nagano Prefecture elderly exhibition Governor Award
◎ child care support center News from
◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
◎ Greetings from the town
Of-light car for scrapping procedures
· Information on "Wada Junior High School Closed Ceremony and Closed Ceremonial Monument Removal Ceremony"
◎ life of calendar 3 month
◎ NAGAWA unoccupied house bank Property introduction
◎ quick guide to the top hotels, I think the sky of Nagawa - the first 3 times -
◎ Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
◎ everyone Square
◎ guidance of NAGAWA Athletic Association
CS digital back part of the channel will change from ◎ 4 month
◎ Notice of wired use fee billing names and the like change
◎ Noshiro diary No.61
◎ fiscal 28 year Wada Junior High School entrepreneurship learning recital
◎ time of the tour bus will change

Public relations Osawa March issue [PDF: 9MB]


Information Public Relations Division spokesman
Address: 4247-1 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA old-cho
PHONE: 0268-75-2043
FAX: 0268-68-4139

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