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List such as financial situation

Published 2022 years 03 month 31 Date

The national unified style that has been shown from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the overall financial situation of some clerical union to special accounting and relations, including general accounting, financial condition of the third sector, also, such as situation and financial indicators of financial support of the town we will publish financial information.

Heisei 22 year financial comparison analysis table and financial status, etc. list than financial results are integrated, became a "fiscal situation Book". 

* On the Nagano Prefecture website, you can download a collection of financial status materials for prefectures.

Reiwa 535nd year financial situation data collection [XLSX: XNUMXKB]
Collection of financial status materials for the first year of Reiwa [XLSX: 720KB]
30 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 1MB]
29 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 2MB]
28 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 2MB]
27 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 2MB]
26 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 257KB]
25 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 726KB]
24 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 410KB]
23 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 11MB]
22 Financial Status Documents [PDF: 4MB]
21 Financial Status List [PDF: 70KB]
20 Financial Status List [PDF: 23KB]
19 Financial Status List [PDF: 190KB]
18 Financial Status List [PDF: 160KB]
17 Financial Status List [PDF: 37KB]

The description of the financial situation, such as the list is as follows.

1 financial situation of general account and special accounts (mainly those pertaining to ordinary account)

※ ordinary account and, because of the financial comparison, etc. of each local government, a local government finance statistics on a unified accounting classification to be used, is a classification that fall in all of the organizations.

2 1 other than the financial situation of the Special Account (those pertaining to public business accounting)
 ・ It is the settlement status of special accounts belonging to public businesses such as National Health Insurance Business Special Account, Elderly Health Business Special Account and Public Enterprise Account (water supply business, sewerage business, etc.). 

3 financial condition of some such affairs associations involved
 ・ It will be the settlement status of some office unions, etc. that Nagawa Town is a member of.

4 situation of the financial support of the third business conditions and local governments of the sector, etc.
 ・ The settlement status of the third sector, etc. that meets any of the following conditions.
(1) (including the bypass stake) NAGAWA those that invest more than 25%
(2) NAGAWA those that have implemented financial support (subsidies, loans, loss compensation, debt guarantees) the

5 financial indicators [statistics on, and then calculated based on the situation of ordinary account. ]

  • Financial capability index
    An index that indicates the financial strength of the local governments, the average value of the past three years of the numerical value obtained by dividing the standard financial base amount the standard financial revenues. The higher the financial capability index, reserves financial resources on the ordinary allocation tax calculation will be large, it can be said that there is a funding surplus.
  • Real balance
    The proportion of real income and expenditure amount for standard financial scale (shows the standard scale of general financial resources of local governments).
    The ratio when the real income and expenditure surplus is surplus is a positive number, and in the case of the deficit it is represented by a negative number.
  • Real debt service ratio
    Local taxes, usually issued has not been identified Shito as tax, of the financial resources to be annual recurring basis revenue, substantially, including those quasi-cheat in public debt costs, such as pay-out money for the debt service and public enterprise bonds such public debt payments amount equivalent to the average of the previous three years of the proportion of those that have been appropriated to the (usually allocation tax is excluded. what is measures).
    Under the municipal bond consultation system, more than 18% of the organization, it is necessary to permit upon the issuance of municipal bonds.
  • Current account ratio
    An indicator to determine the elasticity of the fiscal structure of local governments, labor costs, aid costs, of the general financial resources to have been appropriated in annual recurring basis outlays are expenses (recurring expenses) as of the public debt cost the proportion that the amount is, local taxes, general revenue, which is every year a recurring basis revenue centered on the ordinary allocation tax (ordinary general revenue), accounted in the total amount of tax reduction supplementary bonds and extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds.
    This measure is intended to see whether it is recurring expenses in the appropriation what extent ordinary General Fund revenues, indicating that the ratio is progressing rigidity of higher finance. 


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