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Comparable financial information between organizations

Published 2016 years 03 month 14 Date


Financial comparison analysis table [PDF: 146KB]
Annual expenditure comparison analysis table [PDF: 151KB]


Financial comparison analysis table [PDF: 129KB]
Annual expenditure comparison analysis table [PDF: 158KB]


Financial comparison analysis table [PDF: 31KB]
Annual expenditure comparison analysis table [PDF: 65KB]


Financial comparison analysis table [PDF: 105KB]
Annual expenditure comparison analysis table [PDF: 157KB]

Because in the town to disclose an easy-to-understand financial situation, using comparable indicators and similar organizations based on the standard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (*), "financial comparison analysis table" and "annual expenditure comparison analysis table by March 18 year usually accounts settlement of accounts "I have been created.

* Similar organizations across the country municipalities are classified into groups of 35 by population and industrial structure and the like, that of the organizations that belong to the same group with the municipalities

○ each index in the financial comparison analysis table (March 18 year settlement of accounts) are as follows.

■ financial strength: financial capability index
In the index that indicates the financial strength of local governments, the average value of the past three years of the numerical value obtained by dividing the reference financial needs a standard financial revenues.
The higher the financial capability index, usually issued will be reserved resources on the tax calculation is large, it can be said that there is a margin in the financial resources.

■ elasticity of fiscal structure: current account balance ratio
An indicator to determine the elasticity of the fiscal structure of local governments, the amount of personnel expenses, aid costs, appropriated by the General Fund to the annual recurring basis expenditure is the cost (recurring expenses) as public loan costs There, the proportion of local taxes, accounted for ordinary general revenue (ordinary general revenue), which is every year a recurring basis revenue centered on the allocation tax, the total amount of tax reduction supplementary bonds and extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds.
The indicator is intended to see whether it is ordinary general revenue income what extent appropriated for recurring expenses, indicating that the ratio is progressing rigidification of higher fiscal structure.

■ labor costs and personnel expenses, such as the appropriateness of: per capita labor costs and personnel expenses, such as the settlement amount
Per capita of personnel expenses (excluding severance payments), which is the total amount of personnel expenses and maintenance and repair costs.

■ Fitness level of salary level (comparison with the country): Laspeyres index
A type of weighted index, index by Laspeyres formula calculation method for determining the degree of importance to the reference time point (or field). Here, as representing the salaries of local government employees, it refers to levels of salary of the general public servants administrative staff (1) used in the local government general administrative staff personnel relative to the salaries of employees.

■ future burden of sanity: per capita municipal bonds currently high
A per capita of municipal bonds currently high (usually accounting burden minutes).

■ health of the public debt expenses: real debt service ratio
Local taxes, usually issued has not been identified Shito as tax, of the financial resources to be annual recurring basis revenue, substantial, including those pursuant to public debt costs, such as pay-out money for the debt service and public enterprise bonds public debt payments amount equivalent to the average of the previous three years of the proportion of those that have been appropriated to the (usually grant tax. except those which are measures).
Under the municipal bond consultation system, more than 18% of the organization, it is necessary to permit upon the issuance of municipal bonds.

■ capacity management of the appropriateness of: population 1, 000 capita number of staff
Population 1, which is the number of staff 000 capita.

Heisei 22 year financial comparison analysis table and financial status, etc. list than financial results are integrated, became a "fiscal situation Book".
We have published in the financial situation, etc. list. 

Situation in the prefecture cities, towns and villages

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