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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 28 years 1 month No.

Published 2016 years 01 month 01 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 28 years 1 month No.

The main contents of the January issue
◎ New Year greeting (mayor, town council chairman)
◎ of town topic
· Merger 10 anniversary first 11 times townspeople rally to eliminate discrimination
· "Yoda Kubo, the Southern District of noodles convention" was held in NAGAWA
- Snowplow in the "lottery grant" has been introduced
- Shin-Etsu postmaster Association donated a wheelchair to Yoda recess Welfare Association
◎ Greetings from the town
· NAGAWA announcement of new building sneak preview
· Reappointed Kazuyuki Ogawa education committee
And human rights Rights Commissioner to Chizuko Narumi appointed
• For people with disabilities deduction subject certificate
Premium gift certificate, please use during 1 month!
- Notice of national pension
- Thank you for your cooperation in the snow removal work
Bin ask of separation for the "cap" of the class
· NAGAWA for firefighting team New Year firefighters' event
The business recruitment of Heisei 28 year "regional departure Genki making donations"
- Nagawa municipal housing and public housing free information! In addition to
◎ know the Shinshu-NAGAWA economic development projects in the area Cooperation Volunteers old road now and to the future
It will change tax of light vehicle tax from ◎ fiscal 28 year
◎ to the person who received the tax return
◎ Notice of My number card application
◎ agriculture committee from April 28 year 4 month 1 date will be the appointment system of mayor
◎ Did you know such a thing of welfare and insurance? Vol.4
◎ child care support center News from
◎ Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
◎ Everyone's Square (tanka, haiku, senryu)
◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
◎ Obsidian communication No.67
◎ Noshiro diary No.48
◎ NAGAWA Development Corporation INFORMATION
◎ we will inform you about the "traffic control" of Oda and festivals

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