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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 27 years 3 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 27 years 3 month No.

The main contents of the March issue
 ◎ of town topic
  ・ Mr. Kota Sasaki of Wada Junior High School at the National Woodworking Challenge Contest
   Received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award
  ・ Zero traffic fatal accidents achieved XNUMX days!
  ・ "Dementia supporter training course" held
  ・ Fir tree welfare chairman Nagano branch from the upper small worker welfare council
   Received a donation
  ・ Challenge to make snow Naumann elephants!
 ◎ Construction of the new government building is in progress
 ◎ Greetings from the town
  ・ About recruitment of scholarship students for Nagawa-cho scholarship (loan)
  · Kidney function disabilities and for specific disease treatment outpatient Aid
  ・ About partial revision of "Child Rearing Allowance Law"
  ・ About renewal of welfare medical expenses beneficiary certificate
  ・ Notice of "Mental Health Consultation"
  ・ Notice of "Mental Health Promotion Lecture"
  ・ The name of Ueda Consumer Affairs Center will change
  ・ We will hold a "living seminar"
  ・ Notice of "Stork Lecture"
  ・ Information for "Dementia Lecture"
  ・ For safe waste disposal-Please cooperate with thorough sorting! ~
  ・ Do you know about welfare and insurance? VOL.1 and others
 ◎ Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
 ◎ Everyone's open space (tanka, haiku, senryu)
 ◎ News from NAGAWA Council of Social Welfare
 ◎ Obsidian communication No.59
 ◎ Noudai Diary No.39

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