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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 25 years 11 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 25 years 11 month No.

The main contents of 11 month No.
◎ of town topic
- Yutaka Furumachi 受大 Jingu Shikinen Sengu Senza Festival celebration Festival
Wada inn station Autumn Festival
· Dattan buckwheat harvest festival
- It was donated Carta from Mr. Haruhisa Maruyama
· Fire Brigade cooperation Plant Co., Ltd. Haneda pair won the Nagano Prefecture Governor Award
And Midorikawa addition to Mizen's was awarded the honors "Sacred Treasure TanMitsuaki"
◎ Greetings from the town
Heisei 26 year NAGAWA ceremony Announcement of
- Announcement of influenza vaccination
· Kidney function disabilities and for specific disease treatment outpatient Aid
- National pension insurance premiums to everyone that has been paid
- Do you know the adult guardianship system? In addition to
◎ Do not be fooled by a malicious Commercial Code
◎ will inform the fiscal year 24 general accounting "Financial Results Overview"
◎ education. ASKUL? (Board of education)
◎ Kirigamine-Utsukushigahara central watershed trail Disrupt Tour 2013
(Shinshu-NAGAWA Tourism Association)
◎ 11 month 10 (day) is the voting day of the mayor election, Nagawa town councilor general election Nagawa

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