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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 25 years 9 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 25 years 9 month No.

The main contents of the September issue
 ◎ of town topic
  ・ Isenoumi stable wrestlers interact with Yamanoko Gakuen and visit the government office, Yodakubo Hospital
  ・ Maruko Shugakukan High School Mina Soma Participated in the National High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival!
  ・ Ueda Nishi High School Shuzo Kozaki participated in the summer Koshien!
  ・ Maruko Shugakukan High School Kento Sakata Participated in Inter-High!Other
 ◎ The 29th Furusato / Wada-shuku Post Festival
 ◎ Disaster prevention special feature (final)
 ◎ Greetings from the town
  ・ Wired phone calls will not be available from October 10st.
  ・ About the use of the parking lot of the Nagato government office
  ・ To all National Health Insurance members
  ・ For payment method of welfare equipment purchase cost and housing repair cost by long-term care insurance service
   "Receipt mandate payment" will be newly established
  ・ About birth control business
  ・ Autumn rabies injection schedule
  ・ About holding intractable disease medical life counseling
  ・ About the 25th Yodakubo Hospital Festival, etc.
 ◎ Don't be fooled by malicious business law
 ◎ Today.ASKUL? (Board of education)
 ◎ Noudai Diary No.25

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