Public relations Nagawa Heisei 21 years 2 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 21 years 2 month No.

◇ of town topic
◇ is an important announcement about the open burning
◇ Greetings from the town
◇ situation of salaries of NAGAWA staff
◇ assault specialty goods report
◇ Oda and festivals

Of-town topic
○ 2009 NAGAWA fire New Year firefighters' event
○ 2009 NAGAWA coming-of-age ceremony

- Open burning is an important ask about
There is an important ask about the "open burning" than NAGAWA fire brigade, Yoda recess southern fire station, NAGAWA office.

·Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
For Everyone Square
○ haiku, senryu, tanka
○ About the town - owned land Haraisage

- Greetings from the town
• For tender participation application
- time to eat is also fun and delicious to
· NAGAWA than it is social welfare council
· Monthly Obsidian communication 011 No.
· NAGAWA situation of salaries of staff
To In the town where I am aware of, such as salaries of staff to everyone of the town, it has been published, such as the status of salary.

- Health and welfare information 2 month
- Tax payment, etc. of information 2 month
- Garbage collection day 2 month of
- Water and sewage information 2 month
- Assault specialty products report the first 33 bullets
This assault specialty report, young buckwheat craftsman who runs your soba's called "soba black 耀" in Wada Dayde district, we have assault report to Shogo Tokuda.

Oda and festivals
1 month 14 Date · 15 date two days, Furumachi of rich 受大 Shrine in the district annual festival "Oda and festivals" is carried out in the grand, floats elaborate each field idea has been unveiled.

- Garbage out dojo Deluxe
As the current garbage disposal dojo Deluxe version, let us learn about the "bottle method of separating", "beautification center of but I"!

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