Public relations Nagawa Heisei 21 years 1 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 21 years 1 month No.

◇ New Year Greetings
◇ For 2008 years of tax consultation
◇ Greetings from the town
◇ assault specialty goods report
◇ of town topic

· Geishun Nagawa mayor New Year Greetings from Kenichiro Haneda
· New Year's greeting Chairman Yoshikazu Harada
- New Year's Greeting National Health Insurance Yi TAKUBO hospital Hiromichi Misawa
Heisei 20 years worth tax discuss
From the General Affairs Division tax engagement to the townspeople of everyone, we will inform you about the tax counseling for the fiscal years.

·Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
For Everyone Square
○ haiku, senryu, tanka
For traffic regulations ○ Oda and festivals

- Greetings from the town
• For health consultation unified dial of mind
Of-the elderly about how to spend the winter of everyone
· NAGAWA than it is social welfare council
· Monthly Obsidian communication 010
- The Ministry of Health and Welfare Information January
- Tax payment information such as January of
- Garbage collection day in January
- Water and sewage information January
- Assault specialty products report the first 32 bullets
This assault specialty report, Yamaka mushroom garden has been cultivated Flammulina velutipes called "Pakinko Ajihime" in Daimon ShoShigeruketani: We assault report to Takashi Yanagisawa.

Of-town topic
Agreement signing ceremony on cooperation cooperation with ○ Tokyo University of Agriculture and NAGAWA
○ 2008 year nationwide abacus contest Ueda tournament
Exchange meeting in ○ Wada Ayako Saito Elementary School
○ townspeople rally to eliminate the first 4 times discrimination was held
"Recital", "Fun Meeting" was held in ○ each nursery of town

- Of the 4 times NAGAWA Film Festival Announcement
Cul týr de Nagawa town send NAGAWA onset of new - will be held in the "last game last Waseda-Keio game" Special Screening Board Heisei 21 years 1 month 25 date (day).

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