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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 20 years 9 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 20 years 9 month No.

◇ slowly! laid back! Nakasendo Walking
◇ Greetings from the town
◇ Welcome to the Shinshu-NAGAWA open garden!
◇ assault specialty goods report
◇ of town topic

·slowly! laid back! Nakasendo Walking
Nakasendo Shukuba conference Shinshu Nagawa tournament cheer planning! In order to know the "slowly! Leisurely! Nakasendo walking" more Nakasendo, let's walk on their feet from the top of the Kasatoritoge to the top of the Wadatoge!

·Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
For Everyone Square
● haiku, senryu, tanka
● Shinwada tunnel toll road "gasoline refueling ticket gift campaign"

- Greetings from the town
Of-mind Square
· NAGAWA than it is social welfare council
· Monthly Obsidian communication No.007
- Health and welfare information 9 month
- Tax payment, etc. of information 9 month
- Garbage collection day 9 month of
- Water and sewage information 9 month
- Shinshu-NAGAWA Welcome to the open garden! Vol.01
And the current of the Ishigo Tomoko's garden "Shinshu-NAGAWA Welcome to Open Garden", and Naoko Kurosawa's garden, will introduce the child's garden Uehara. Please enjoy while a combination of "Shinshu-NAGAWA open garden map".

- Assault specialty products report the first 28 bullets
This assault specialty report, we have assault reports to large-scale farmers, Ms. Tomio Yoshimi Masashi's parent-child Tanaka District Furumachi.

Of-town topic
○ Beijing Paralympic Game participant Ayako Saito Senior Executive Committee
○ Wada Matsuzawa district Kubota e- project start-up
AC mini concert with ○ Hiratsuka Wind Orchestra
○ townspeople climbing in the refreshing weather have been made
○ China "school exchanges" with the school trip students have been made
○ Challenge 21 fish grab tournament
○ I learned the local cuisine club sushi cuisine
○ Summer Festival Summer concerts held in various places

- Nagawa history Journey, Part Two Nakasendo Hen
This historical travelogue is entitled "Teahouse of the first dozen times east toys", and then travel the Nakasendo.

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