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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 20 years 5 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 20 years 5 month No.

◇ Nagato Town Fire Brigade Letter Delivery Order and Discipline Training
◇ towards the creation of a new NAGAWA
◇ Greetings from the town
◇ assault specialty goods report
◇ of town topic

· NAGAWA fire brigade appointment grant formula and discipline training
Welcomed the new Members 18 people "Shinsei NAGAWA fire brigade" has started!

- Towards the creation of a new NAGAWA
Inform you about 2008 NAGAWA general account budget.

·Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
For Everyone Square
● haiku, senryu, tanka
● No. 12 Roll the cell culture drum concert "Symphony" will be held

- Greetings from the town
· NAGAWA than it is social welfare council
· Monthly Obsidian communication No.003
- Health and welfare information 5 month
- Tax payment, etc. of information 5 month
- Garbage collection day 5 month of
- Water and sewage information 5 month
- Assault specialty products report the first 24 bullets
This time of the assault specialty report is the input Daimon, we have assault report to Kazuto Kodama, who has cultivated a huge shiitake of winter limited.

Of-town topic
○ disaster prevention radio system operation start-Nakamurabashi was opened
○ townspeople volunteer street cleaning has been done in Nagato region
○ Kotomi's "Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kanto Agricultural Administration Director Award" Kobayashi won!
○ team Wada inn fluffy won the tennis open tournament!
○ NAGAWA tap union was donated to the town Hanamomo, etc.
54th Utsukushigahara Plateau founding Festival ○ have been made
○ Congratulations on your admission, your entry is taken a new step!
○ Matsuo shrine spring of annual festival "Sumo Tournament"
○ Qingyuan District has established a "handrail" to the community center
○ Nagato postal worker is participating in the "Kasou Taishou"!

- Nagawa history Journey
The journey of history this time entitled "No. X NUMX times Yodagawa" will travel Nakasendo.

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