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Public relations Nagawa Heisei 19 years 3 month No.

Published 2016 years 02 month 02 Date

Public relations Nagawa Heisei 19 years 3 month No.

Feature 1 from Nagawa to the "world"
It will be unified "sorting and collection method" of Feature 2 garbage
Topic of town
Assault specialty goods report
Everyone's Square
News from town
Aim is Japan! !
Their feelings to empty Nagawa
Nagawa history Journey

- from Kanagawa to the "world"
Ayako Saito to compete in the world wheelchair curling championships, is featured Akane Saito's to compete in FIS World Championships Ski Cross department.

· "Sorting and collection method" will be unification of garbage
In NAGAWA it will be unified "sorting and collection methods" of garbage from 1 April.

Of-town topic
○ Xiao Ron concert
○ Hiroshi Nojiri lectures and performances

- Assault specialty goods report
This assault specialty report is the "black 耀 miso". Will introduce a process of black 耀 miso is made!

·Welcome! To Library and petting Museum
- News from home support engagement
For Everyone Square
- Greetings from the town
· Aim is Japan! !
NAGAWA Kimball lovers meeting was brilliantly won the NAGANO Kimball Winter Cup 2007 tournament.

News from and Social Welfare Council
- To empty Nagawa their feelings
Garbage collection date March of
- Health and Welfare Information March
- Nagawa history Journey
The 1 part Furinkazan, this time is the "Matatabi Shimizu," "Kowashimizu". We introduce the tradition transmitted to the NAGAWA.

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