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Town urging handbook

Published 2016 years 12 month 27 Date 00 when 00 minutes

Town urging Handbook coverTheme

"In order to take over a smile and vibrant town to the next generation
(NAGAWA, the town filled with smiles, now and to the future) is ".

Main Content

○ Beautiful shining NAGAWA
 Highland wandering, black stone wandering, human wandering
○ History of NAGAWA 10 year (Special merger 10 anniversary)
○ the first 2 following NAGAWA long-term comprehensive plan
Yes sky walk
Of ○ four seasons SKETCHES
○ NAGAWA illustrations map

Among them, the "Nagawa Youth Obsidian Ambassador / Roundtable" that went to England this summer, the "Nagawa Collaborative Creation School" where young people gathered and shared ideas about regional revitalization, and participated in three consecutive Winter Olympic Games. A message from Yuka Fujimori, a professional snowboarder from Himekidaira Daimon, and last year's "Let's collect the smiles of the townspeople!The slogan is "Naga One Piece", and we have posted many photos sent by the townspeople to the official Facebook page of the town.

See e-book version is here ※.

Town urging handbook 2016 [PDF: 14MB]

Town urging Handbook of NAGAWA issued in fiscal 20 year 10 month.

NAGAWA the town urging handbook 2008

NAGAWA the town urging handbook 2008PDF [PDF: 5MB]

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