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Terrain of NAGAWA

Published 2016 years 03 month 10 Date 17 when 39 minutes

The terrain of NAGAWA are posted. 

NAGAWA is, approximately in the middle of Nagano Prefecture, located in the southern part of chiisagata district, the breadth east and west 16.39km, north-south 21.50km, around 68.50km, the total area is 183.86km2, east Tateshina-based Mountains in contact with the Tateshina Town, as a boundary of the south, Chino, in contact with Suwa CITIC plateau fog as a boundary the Mineyama mass, the West is in contact with the Matsumoto There are Utsukushigahara Plateau, north in contact with Ueda there.

Climate, severely change because of terrain elevation was surrounded high in the mountains, frost period spans the seven months, but snow accumulation is relatively small, snow cover period is long and the winter cold is severe for more than 4 months . In addition, cold weather, in the susceptible to freezing frost damage such as natural disaster conditions. Temperatures, up to 30 ℃ or more, the lowest in the becomes a minus 10 ℃ or less, a large temperature difference throughout the year, is severe especially cold of January and February.

Soil, the lower than the central portion of the district brown soil, the upper part is organized by black soil, forest area is BD type of brown soil, BeD type of black soil is a majority. 


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